Stellar-Being_Humanity-HealingThe Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be.
~ Carl Sagan

The process by which the Divine Mind creates may always be beyond our common understanding. Despite of all the efforts to resolve this existential mystery, it continues to be a thematic philosophical search of human nature to comprehend the origins of life and the reason why we all exist.

According to the philosopher Plato, the Universe was built by the "First-Born" on the geometrical figure of the Dodecahedron, a figure having twelve sides. This is typified in the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The twelve signs of the Zodiac are emblematical, in their multiple aspects, of the spiritual and physical evolution of human races, of ages, of the division of time, and order of creation and life.

We are made of star stuff. For the most part, atoms heavier than hydrogen were created in the interiors of stars and then expelled into space to be incorporated into later stars.
~ Carl Sagan

Many ancient traditions pointed to the place of our origins the trails of stars, the circle of constellations and its fixed stars and Solar Beings. They believed that the genesis of Gods and men took its rise in and from the same Point, which is the One Universal, Immutable Eternal and Absolute Unity, the Divine Mind of All creation, the Stellar Mater.

“Nuit, divine Mother, open your wings upon me, while the immortal stars shine in the eternal sky”
~ Tutankhamun mausoleum

The archetypical imagery of our ancestors created a vast referential of stories and myths that allowed them to infer some order to a previously chaotic and unknown universe. The ancient science of the stars, , an ancient science of initiation, was cultivated not only as a source of forecasts but to be the exoteric door that opens an individual to the realization of the movements of their souls during an incarnation, and to facilitate the stimulation and the development of consciousness. The cycle of initiations represented in miniature the great succession of Cosmic signs of the sidereal year.

In the fabric of space and in the nature of matter, as in a great work of art, there is, written small, the artist's signature.
~ Carl Sagan

Stellar-Mater_Humanity-HealingAs part of the cosmic Light universe that unfolds itself inside of one orchestrated infinite rhythm, the human soul travels from a point of non-creation to the manifested reality, entering a personal journey to experience its Divinity through Selfhood. The magic of expansion of consciousness is that the more individualized we become, the more universalized is our perspective on life. We are the sons and daughters of the Light.

Only through our experiences and the integration of our multi-dimensionality and assimilation of our Stellar elements as power codes that we humans beings can develop the capability to understand , not only the vastity and deepness of Creation, but also unveil the ways  in how to insert ourselves as an active and conscious Soul in a bigger plan of the Divine Mind

The Stellar Mater is the matrix of the Stellar Codes™, a series of Light Codes and transmissions that enrich our spiritual life and procures the “accelerated path” of initiations and transformation within.  They are a path of reawakening, of increased connection with our Higher Selves and reintegration of the original Light Codes of Creation.

I AM a Soul. I AM a Star of Gold
~ Pyramid Texts


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