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Anatomy of the Ethereal Body, Part I

Anatomy of the Ethereal Body, Part I

The Priest and the Initiate both work with their hands working on the etheric body of a person during the rites of consecration or liberation. Likewise, so does the healer, the psychoanalyst and the hypnotherapist.

We have in the etheric body different energy zones, or rather the vortexes, which  are reflections from the emotional body (the Body of Desire or Astral Body), the mental body and the causal body. In terms of the physical body, they are matched by the points of contact with certain glands of internal secretion and certain nerve plexus. There are seven main plexus or chakras.

Energy Circulation in the Ethereal Body

The energy body, or etheric body, acts as a subtle sheath for our physical body and extends a few inches beyond the physical. In it lies the energy centers or Chakras.

The Chakras form the basis of the Pranic movement, or Prana energy system, that feeds the etheric system. It is imperative that these centers be maintained open and, at least minimally, cleaned so that the flow and circulation of vital energy will never be interrupted.

From a physiological perspective, the Chakras are involved with the reception and flow of higher energies, directing them to the cellular structures of the physical body through specific channels for subtle energy, which are the Nadis. They act as energy transformers. The energy, in turn, is translated into hormonal, physiological-emotional changes, mind sets and eventually to the entire cellular body.

Anatomically, each Chakra is directly associated with an endocrine gland.

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