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Anatomy of the Ethereal Body, Part I

Anatomy of the Ethereal Body, Part I

While the entire ethereal body has to do with the life force, one of its many layers is more specifically related to life: that is the layer of the ether of life. The Arcane Schools of Wisdom discerned four layers pertaining to the ethereal body, which are:

The Ether of Life,

The Chemical Ether,

The Light Ether

The Heat Ether

The word “layer ” may be a confusing concept for some individuals, because the four ethers that are compounds of the ethereal body are not really stacked one on top of another as layers of a cake. In fact, they infiltrate one another, as water go into a sponge.

According to the eastern concept of energy, there is an immaculate essence that pervades the manifested universe, and this “Virgin” substance is called Cosmic Ether.

The cosmic ether flows through the pores of the planet earth, which acts as a condenser of this ether.  Under such condition, the cosmic ether loses its characteristic of “virgin” or “pure” essence, to become an impregnated substance of impurities during the planet’s exudation, turning into physical ether which will be irradiating from earth itself.

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