temptation-of-jesus1The Mystical Journey

Christ Jesus, after his baptism, went to the desert to meditate and pray for forty days, a time for reflection upon his mission, and there, he was severely tempted by the “devil”. But how does the devil tempt us? The devil or diablo, or the one that divides, is the expression of an atavic force related to the lower levels of the astral world: the lower feelings and mindsets, the need of revenge, resentments, and unforgiving emotions and many limitations of our characters that hide and pervade our virtues; these feelings are the ones can actually steal the silence and peace of our hearts.

When we reach the Desert in our lives and we have reached our limits, it is time to ask for guidance, to reevaluate ourselves and our goals, and a period to plan the different directions we must travel in order to arrive in our destination. It is a sacred period for Divine revelation.

“From dust though art (what our physical bodies are made of – the stuff of the Earth). And unto dust that body will return.”

The Cross of Ashes on the forehead reminds us that life is impermanent and transient, and also that only our connection with Spirit matters in the big scheme of things. The Symbol of the Cross is not necessarily a Christian symbol.  In fact, it was a symbol widely utilized before the Christian era.

The vertical line symbolizes the connection between spirit and matter; as the horizontal one represents our intention to unite our will to the Divine Will.

Higher consciousness is the main goal of the human experience in Earth School.

According to Carl Jung, one way to avoid the grasp of evil is to use a big dose of our sense of humor, because humor is an important element that connects joy and happiness. Joy and happiness are the only two ways to neutralize the “diablo” effect in one's ‘life.


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