The Crane's Gratitude - Tsuru’s gratitude

A Japanese Classic Tale

Once upon a time, an old and poor woodcutter finds a small and fragile crane caught in a trap.

It was winter, and feeling sorry for the poor little bird, takes the initiative and frees it. He sees the fragile creature fly away through the sky in a hurry.

Soon after, returning to his home, the woodcutter and his wife are sitting at home on a snowy night when suddenly a beautiful young woman dressed in white shows up at their door.

She says that she was on her way to visit relatives and got lost, and begged them to give her shelter for the night. They were very kind hearted people, and they welcome her in.

At the dead of the winter, the snow didn’t stop for days, but in the time being, the old couple grew to love the gentle young girl and how she was so attentive, kind and gentle to them, taking good care of them.

The girl then asked if she could stay and live with them as their daughter and they agreed wholeheartedly.

The lovely girl then asked for a loom to be set up, so that she can help with the household income along with the household chores.

However, along with her request, she said: “When I am working, none of you can come to look at me working."

The woodcutter happily sets up a loom for her in a room of the house. The girl is soon turning out cloth that is so gossamer fine and beautiful that people come from far away to buy it. The couple soon becomes quite wealthy.

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