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House of Faith

The Spiritual Meaning of Lent


The Spiritual Meaning of Lent “O Holy Spirit, descend plentifully into my heart. Enlighten the dark corners of this neglected dwelling and scatter there Thy cheerful beams.” ~Saint Augustine We commonly understand Lent as a period between seasons, but it carries a tone of reflection and revaluation of what was realized and assimilated in the previous cycle. Lent comes from ... Read More »

Guidelines When Performing Lunar Rituals, Part 2


Guidelines for Lunar Rituals 2 Note:  This article is reserved for University Members. “We lack rituals in this modern world.” ~Elizabeth McGovern  Continuing on the topic of lunar rituals, some precepts are necessary to assure the right creation and projections of the ceremonial rite.  How to write and perform a ritual There are many details one should pay attention to ... Read More »

Guidelines When Performing Lunar Rituals, Part 1


Guidelines for Lunar Rituals 1 The moon, like the sun, is considered astrologically to be one of the earth’s luminaries, and illuminates our planet with the indirect light reflected from the sun. However, the moon is the only satellite of the Earth and, as such, is the celestial body that is closer to our planet. Approximately every 27 days, the ... Read More »

House of Faith

Welcome to the House of Faith! The Humanity Network is a Healing Project with no denomination.  We embrace individuals from every Religious and Spiritual background.  This House is dedicated to all those who seek to enrich themselves or find comfort through Faith. The healing power of prayer is incredible.  The Humanity Healing Network includes Ambassadors and Volunteers who come together ... Read More »

Daily Self Blessing


Daily Self Blessing G-d of my heart, G-d of my understanding, Look with mercy at each of those who are wanders here, Grant that the words that I speak daily be vehicle of making someone's day better, May they bring light where there is darkness, hope in the midst of despair and a broad smile to grace their lips. Lord, Make ... Read More »

Emptiness and the Shore Beyond – Part II

The Shore Beyond

Note: Please first read and watch the video Emptiness and the Shore Beyond - Part I The Essence of the Heart Sutra is centered on the phrase "The form is nothing but emptiness, and emptiness is nothing but form". All things are empty - this includes our psychic qualities, our thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions, our body and all the reality ... Read More »

Emptiness and the Shore Beyond – Part I

Emptiness and the Shore Beyond

“Emptiness is bound to bloom, like hundreds of grasses blossoming.” ~Eihei Dogen, Sky Flowers The Sunyata, the Emptiness, which is at the center of the Buddhist doctrine, is often not adequately understood. It is not a pessimistic or fatalistic doctrine, invented by an unhappy mind. It is the total and deep experience of a very healthy state of consciousness. We ... Read More »

The Christ’s Festival


The Spiritual Festival of Goodwill The Festival of the Christ follows one month after Wesak at the time of the full moon of Gemini. It has the keynote of “humanity, aspiring to God” and blending many different spiritual approaches in one united act of invocation. It has been observed since 1952 as World Invocation Day. World Invocation Day is a ... Read More »

Wesak Festival


The Wesak Festival The Spiritual Festival of the Buddha The Significance of Wesak Graciously shared by SouledOut.org The Wesak Festival has been traditionally associated in eastern civilization with the Buddha, esoterically recognized as the divine intermediary between the highest spiritual center on the planet, Shamballa, and the Hierarchy. The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment ... Read More »

Gnostic Prayer of Thanksgiving

Gnostic prayer

We give graces and thanksgiving to You. Our heart and soul are extended towards You, untouched Name, honored with the name of Father; and since each of us share Your paternal benevolence, Your affection, love, and Your the teachings, which are smooth and simple, You have given us free intellect and holy knowledge: the intellect so we can understand You; the word ... Read More »