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House of Wisdom

Welcome to the House of Wisdom!  This House focuses on Mindful Living and Environmental Protection. We are committed to empowering the movement for global ecological sustainability and respect for our environment. There has been much in the news over the conflict between preserving the environment and economic growth, the Earth’s diminishing resources, and our increasing impact on the environment.  The ... Read More »

Hestia – Personification of the Sacred FireArchetype:


 Hestia, the Archetype: Personification of the Sacred Fire and the Inner  Sacred Space Hestia is the Greek Goddess who is the personification of the sacred fire of the pyre and hospitality of home town. The myth of Hestia is of the flame of life. Hestia, which in Greek means passing through fire or to consume, always had honor from of all ... Read More »

Change is the Prelude to Growth

Change is the Prelude to Growth Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. ~Richard Bach Try experiencing life through eyes of another who hold different points of view. The key to making changes is to accept the necessity of change; Change is part of a creative life and of creating a LIFE They must often ... Read More »

The 12 Keys of Spiritual Activism

12 Keys of Spiritual Activism

Humanity Healing’s Twelve Keys of Spiritual Activism   “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ~ Mother Theresa “Where ever you are, be there totally.” ~ Eckhart Tolle The embrace of the path of Spiritual Activism enables individuals or groups to develop the noble qualities of compassion, wisdom and gratitude. It is in ... Read More »

Healing Burma: Getting Relief to Myanmar.

Healing Burma:  Getting Relief to Myanmar The U.N. warned that a second wave of deaths will follow unless the military regime lets in more aid.  Up to 2,500,000 people in the Irrawaddy River delta urgently need food, water and shelter. The International Red Cross estimates the current death toll lies between 68,833 and 127,990 victims.Myanmar’s military junta has agreed to ... Read More »

The 10 Commandments of Mother Earth

“The earth is what we all have in common.” ~ Wendell Barry THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF MOTHER EARTH by Ernest Callenbach I. Thou shall love and honor the Earth for it blesses thy life and governs thy survival. II. Thou shall keep each day sacred to the Earth and celebrate the turning of its seasons. III. Thou shall not hold ... Read More »

Lighthouse Wisdom

Lighthouse Wisdom “Darkness reigns at the foot of the lighthouse” ~ Japanese Proverb Since Ancient times, Lighthouses were used to mark dangerous coastlines, hazardous shoals and reefs, often in inaccessible locations. They exist because storms exist. They symbolize safety, guidance and Integrity. Sometimes in our lives, we find ourselves in difficult places. But the truth is that it is not ... Read More »

Illusion Removal Program Meditation

Illusion Removal Program meditation Mighty I Am Presence; I call you forth now and ask by the grace of God, Djwhal Khul for a permanent assignment on the core fear matrix removal program and the all-inclusive misleading/Illusory matrix program, from now to be placed on all that is me, as well as and not limited to my bodies, fields, parts, ... Read More »

The Magic of Rebirth / Wisdom of the Eagles

The Magic of Rebirth / Wisdom of the Eagles “All is flux; nothing stays still.” The Legend of the Eagle may be a myth, but it is one that gives insight. Many times in our own lives, we also have to face hard decisions that lead us to the need of a rebirth process. To embrace challenges and changes is ... Read More »