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The Christ’s Festival

The Christ’s Festival


As the Aries full moon associates us with the Hierarchy, when we go into meditation at that time we can connect with their unified channel for alignment with the Purpose and Plan of Deity. The united group thus experiences the pervasive quality of Love-Wisdom to attract even more potent inflow and to make things new for the emerging cycle.

The following month at the Taurus full moon the Buddha returns to the earth plane and bestows the will aspect of deity, the Light from on High, at the sacred ceremony in the Wesak Valley. Here the Christ, joined by the assembled Spiritual Hierarchy along with aspirants and disciples, receives it in trust for distribution the following month. Those who partake in the Wesak water ceremony show support for this effort and assist ing safeguarding the energies by stepping them down for the infusion of Good Will: will that is for the good of all.

Each year the Wesak Festival is the annual beginning of a new spiritual approach taking place between Hierarchy and Shamballa. The Festival of the Christ during the full moon of Gemini is the subsequent opportunity for approach to Hierarchy. The Christ stands as the emissary for Humanity and we stand along with him calling out for the energies of Light, Love, and the Will-to-Good which planet earth desperately needs, for whenever humanity invokes help from the Spiritual Hierarchy, we receive a response. Our task is to work closely with the Christ, who stands at the "center where the Love of God is known" and invoke, receive and channel this electromagnetic force directly to the planet, stimulating and activating the expression of Goodwill and Right Human Relations in all areas of life.

For 2000 years at this festival the Christ has represented Humanity and has stood before the Hierarchy as the God-Human, Leader of all people, and the "eldest in a great family of brothers" (Romans VIII:29). Traditionally, every year at this time, Christ delivers the last sermon of the Buddha before the assembled Hierarchy.

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A synthesis occurs at the Gemini full moon ~ in which the Spiritual Hierarchy and Humanity further blend their attention towards empowering the will from Shamballa that came through at Wesak. It is now that we apply love-wisdom energies, willfully directing love and light to that which propagates the Principle of Goodwill and right human relations.

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