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           Ageless Wisdom for a Modern World


  Esoteric Quote of the week

There are two things to aim at in life:  first, to get what you want; and after that, to enjoy it.  Only the wisest of mankind 
achieve the second.  
~Logan Pearsall Smith
Light Blessings!
Mercury enters Libra, Mars and Saturn square; the Moon grows in Scorpio.

Other winds are blowing.  Our present time cannot be compared to any other that humanity has experienced before. Our minds have advanced concepts and recognized its intimate connection with a type of spiritual life that previously was only sensed and poetically described in myths and legends.

Our time is the portal between the yester and what we co-create together. Very interesting times we are living in, with the astral aspectations weaving energies of adjustment and balance. There are many situations pending in our world today, not only in our own lives that are in need of clearing and balance and release. No Karmic account will continue forever without being paid. To distort or ignore this model of equilibrium means to complicate the situation already set in motion, as a vortex. The ultimate truth of it all is that there is no escape from patterns of energies as such except through active practice of forgiveness.

Many times when we are not proactive with our lives, we manifest and attract patterns that may show themselves as destiny.

Together we face our fears,
 Christopher and Liane


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  The Hidden Meaning of Fairy Tales  

The Symbolism of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White is to be understood as a metaphor for the original purity of the soul. Snow White is the symbol of the initiate which is born on earth. in purity and innocence.

This article is restricted to Members of the University.

  Working with Archetypes
Archetype Hestia: Personification of the Sacred Fire and the Inner Sacred Space
Always fixed and immutable, Hestia ultimately symbolizes the continuity of civilization. At Delphi, it was kept at perpetual flame with which to light the Hestia’s other altars. 
  Empowerment invocation  
Daily Self Blessing
A Daily prayer and benediction to bring about the inner light of the soul, in face of adversities, daily.
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  Weekly Spiritual Exercise  
The Recapitulation Exercise
Recapitulation is an ancient technique for retrieving and healing your energy. It also teaches you how to prevent current energetic loss. Those who pursue it the shamanic way, consider the recapitulation to be a never ending process.

The Spiritual Exercise of the Week is available to all Members of the University and is found in the Spiritual Exercises section of the Online Resource Center. Please log in and click the button below.

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