The Sophia Scrolls

Spiritual Holistic Wisdom through the Diverse Schools of Knowledge and Wisdom through the History of Mankind

Humanity Healing is combining several of the eCourses currently offered into a more comprehensive package that allows the linking and correlation of knowledge to be more readily transmutable into wisdom.

Some of the objectives of the course will be to to present the fundamental knowledge that pertains to the true spiritual quest, which leads us to the self-realization and self-knowledge; and to offer explanations and clarifications about the many metaphysical transformations and transmutations over the energies of the body, soul and psyche.

Some of the topics to be covered include:

  • Elements of Symbology and Archetypes, with application to Tarot
  • Understanding Karma and its elements in depth
  • Learning how to integrate and expand our multi-dimensionality
  • Developing the psychic abilities and an improvement of our Human condition
  • Gnosis and other ancient traditions
  • The Essenes and the secret doctrine of the Christ
  • The Seven Races
  • The Cosmic Hierarchy
  • Evolution and Involution; Transmigrations of Souls verses Reincarnation
  • The Path of Initiation
  • The Cosmic Architecture

Every lesson will be accompanied with practical weekly exercises, and work book, and it is divided by levels that are completely self-paced home studies.

The course will be roughly broken into three categories:

Alpha – This will be general knowledge and will be published in the public area of the website.

Beta – This will include more elaborate and in-depth discussion of the topics, including teleconferences, and will be limited to the University sections of the website.

Gamma – These will include exercises and visualizations for the participants of the eCourse.

For more details, please read the following eCourse Syllabus: The Sophia Scrolls Syllabus

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