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planet-earth-from-space_Humanity-HealingWhen you look at the view of Earth from space, you are immediately in awe of what you do see:  the incredible beauty of Creation.  It is not until you look closer that you realize what you do not see.  You do not see lines partitioning countries.  You do not see separation between races.  You do not see division between religions.  You do not see the walls people build to isolate themselves from each other.

There is just One Planet.  There is only One Humanity.

Humanity Healing is a Nondenominational Network committed to Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Healing and Growth through Education and Spiritual Activism.

Spiritual Activism is expressed by Compassion in Action.

We believe that when we help others through compassionate action, we Heal ourselves and through us, Humanity as a whole.

We are Children of the same Universe.  We are all Seeds of Humanity.

Thank you for visiting us here.  We encourage you to look through the different pages outlining who we are and what we believe.

And we look forward to learning and growing together.

Much Metta,
HH Team



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