It is our privilege to share with you Ageless Wisdom for the Modern World and help you along your personal Path to Higher Consciousness.

This is the Atrium for Humanity Healing's online school. We update this website often with new material. Please check this page and the Calendar & Events periodically as we will announce new eBooks, Guided Meditations, Teleconferences, Videos and Advanced Lessons that are included in the Aspirant Membership.

Membership is $10 USD/month. If you have not yet signed up for the more advanced sections of the website, please visit our Membership Sign-up Page.



New Members

If you have just started your journey here, please access our Student Handbook for Online Courses and special email address for questions you may have during your studies. To access the Handbook for Online Courses, special contact information for questions and other aids, please visit: Member Study Aids

Member Discount Page

Humanity Healing gives a discount to Members for all Attunements and Courses, as well as Advance Registration and Priority Placement for those activities that are limited in size. If you are currently participating with our Membership program and would like to take advantage of the Member's Discount for Special Attunement and/or Energy Upgrade Packages, visit the Member's Discount Page.

Member Areas of Study

Please see the Courses Offered in the Pulldown Menu.  In addition, you can see the topics covered in the Online Resource Center, which is consistently being updated with new material for the Seeker,

This page is a work in process as new information is added to the site. Please check back often to see what is new.

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  • I am interested in the Animal Mentorship Programme – however, I cannot find any information on it on your website, as far as how does one study the course, what is the syllabus etc. Also what is available after Module 1? Hoping you can anser my questions. With thanks Rosie

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