Ripple Effect

This means that if we can synchronize our intentions and actions towards a common goal, our independent waves will continue to add to each other as they travel out through the energetic field and the result will be much greater than we can manifest independently.

Our Pebble in the Pond

The Ripple Effect is Humanity Healing’s most important visual statement so far in it is call for all to engage with the Keys of Spiritual Activism in tackling the root causes of suffering and distress in the world.

If you distilled all the writings, all the videos, all the plans of Humanity Healing down to a single concept, it is this: to gather as many hearts as possible, be they individuals or organizations, to help them to beat in synchronicity and together send our actions and intentions out through the connection of our shared humanity to make this world a better place. The Humanity Healing Foundation and Network is our pebble in the pond.

The goal of the Humanity Healing Foundation is to search out viable and sustainable solutions to some of the challenges facing Humanity and to resolve these through the application of Spiritual Activism.

We are connected.

The Pond is the World, Your Heart is the Pebble.

Drop a pebble in a still pond and watch the ripple travel out in an ever expanding ring with every Heartbeat. Humanity Healing Copyright 11 December 2007.  Permission to share with proper credit given.


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