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Axiatonal Attunements: The Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli

Axiatonal Attunements: The Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli

Axiatonal Attunements Axis Mundi Axis Coeli

The Axiatonal Attunements will fasten your own God Self energy into your physical body integrating the divine into your energy centers.

Axitonal Attunements & Initiations: The Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli

The Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli are universal symbols representing cycles of the energy of rebirth and restoration present across diverse human cultures and mystical practices. They have also been referred to as the cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar, and center of the world. They are so-called because they represent the energy of 'incarnational' grounding. A good analogy is a wire that connects the lightning rod to the ground spike.

We live in a time when Balance and Spiritual Grounding are more needed than ever!


 What are Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli?

"The Axitonal Initiations represents the Communication from lower realms that may ascend to higher ones. In the same way, it embodies the blessings from higher realms that may descend to lower ones and be disseminated to all.

There are two distinct phases for the complete Axiatonal Initiation and Attunement. The first is the Axis Mundi, and the second is the Axis Coeli.

The Axis Mundi reconnects and activates the Subpersonal Chakras, starting with the Earth Star Chakra, to the Earth. A good analogy is grounding spike driven deep into the ground.

The Axis Coeli reconnects and activates the Transpersonal Chakras, starting with the Soul Star Chakra, with the Divine.

The Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli or The Axiatonal Initiation and Attunement is a Spiritual manifestation of Balance. While these Attunements can be done at any time, there are times when they can be done more efficiently, and the Teaching Master requires less energy to make the initial connection.

This is particularly helpful when doing the Attunement for many people. For example, the Axis Mundi Attunement is most effective on Equinoxes. The Axis Coeli Attunement is most effective when done on the Solstices.

 Balancing and Grounding Peaceful Energies

Complete Axiatonal Attunements and Initiations allow an individual to BE an actual Column of Light between Divine Source and Mother Earth. The individual becomes one of the Threads in the building of the Planetary Antahkarana.

There are two main objectives of each Attunement. The first is the connection, which allows you to build the bridge. The second is flushing, cleansing, and activating all the meridian points in our bodies.

The Axiatonal Initiation will firstly and permanently fasten your own God Self energy into your physical body integrating the divine energy permanently into your energetic centers. These attunements prepare your energy system to create and embody energy shifts.

As a result of the Attunement, we are able to balance, transmute and alchemize our inner dimension in the face of the global transition, Through the reconnecting of the hearts network across the globe. Our Collective energy can ground our hearts worldwide and cultivate the energy of Peace.

Raise awareness about paradigm-shifting ideas and ways to create a more life-sustaining and compassionate planet.


 Advantages of Having The Axiatonal Attunements and Alignments:

The Axis Mundi Attunement (The Axiatonal Alignments) are simple yet powerful "tune-ups" of the energy system. It is a powerful healing tool that works to reconnect and realign the body's meridian lines to enable your energy system to function smoothly and rejuvenate all levels of the body: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

1. Offer approaches to shift our limiting patterns.

2. Offers ways to apply emotional and social intelligence to the new paradigm

3. It brings to light your positive qualities and core goodness,

4. It assists us in advocating for your uniqueness and the realization of your wholeness.

5. It weaves a Stellar Bridge between your Solar Angel your Christic Body (the Christ-consciousness energetic field).

6. Facilitates the integration of your Buddhaic Body, your Oversoul, your Etheric Light Body, and your "I AM" Presence (God Self) into your physical body and fully anchors each of them permanently into your immediate reality.


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Participate with the Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli Axitonal Attunements & Initiations

The Axis Mundi Attunement is only available on the Equinoxes.  The Axis Coeli Attunement is only available on Solstices.

As the attunements work with the balance between the four points, the price of an Axis Coeli or Axis Mundi Attunement is $44.44.  After purchase, you will be directed to a page where you can download an eBook discussing the Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli.  This price covers the next Attunement to be done.  We understand the struggle many are going through during these economic times.  We offer an adjustable donation option for the Attunement. Please email us at

For more details about the Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli Attunements, visit the following article: The Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli

If you have any questions, please email

Please note that the Attunement and Initiation are done energetically and at a distance. It is not done via a teleconference. Instead, the Teacher makes the energetic connection between Aspirant and Master Teacher through the Soul Stars. We use this technique because the work done is not with the physical body but with the subtle bodies and higher planes.
We explain the process in more detail and how to initiate on your end in the Guidebook.


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