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Who Are Our Ancestors? Ancestral Healing I

Who Are Our Ancestors? Ancestral Healing I


Who Are Our Ancestors? Ancestral Healing I

Our Ancestors are the living beings that came into existence in the period before us and through the sacred breath of their lives, gave us the dawn of our way of life among the constant weaving of souls on the Earth through the millennia of time. We can define ancestors as our progenitors, our predecessors, and their blueprint is imprinted in our memory cells. Inside of every cell of our body exists a microscopic trace of each one of our ancestral generations.

The reconnection with our lineage, through the reverence of our ancestors, helps us to understand who we are, where we came from, and consequently we can access where to go from here and what is needed to accomplish this journey successfully. It is not always possible to have an inventory made of what were the negative aspects that were imprinted in our life script on account of their influence. But with awareness, we can significantly facilitate the release of that Karmic debris, which is highly charged with negative emotions, and prevent the continuation of this energy to the next generations.

Much of the time, we tend to repeat patterns and compulsive behaviors that we are not aware of how they originated.  Without recollection of it, we cannot prevent their recurrences because they are karmic in nature. It is to be naïve to assume that we do not have an ancestral wound to heal.  The first step on the journey of release is acceptance and forgiveness; because through the healing of our past, we can clearly restructure our present and project our hopes and goals for the future. Once the debris is completely cleared up, we can reestablish the sacred dharmic connection with our ancestry line, bringing to the present time all the blessings, spiritual gifts and etheric jewels of our bloodline. This is an exhilarating experience of powerful proportions, because it repairs our Matrix DNA inside of the fabric of time/space, which aligns our blueprint with our original life purpose, and heals family archetypes. We need to adopt a curative attitude towards our ancestors.

The message they transmit through time is one of continuation, knowledge and loving support of secret dreams intentions and aspirations. To properly honor your ancestors you should be open to forgive them unconditionally, because it is only through pardon and Healing that you can reach them and liberate our negative inheritance, such as guilt, hatred, rejection, anger, resentment denial, and addictions.

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