Ancestral Healing

We are the Progeny of the Past.  We are the biological collective result of countless generations that lived, learned, taught, created, and dreamed.  They collectively created our physical reality through their successes and failures.  The actions of our past generations inevitably influence and impact our present one.

The cells of our bodies contain the echoes of our ancestral family memories.  They are significant factors that determine the way we perceive and deal with our current reality.  Reconnection with our lineage helps us to understand who we are and where we came from.  We can then determine what is needed to complete our journey,and liberate us from the Wheel of Samsara so that we may take the next step in our Soul's evolution.

Many cultures have active traditions of honoring one's ancestors, but to truly honor one's ancestors moves beyond mere respect to recognition of both their positive and negative impact on our current life.

We need to adopt a curative attitude towards our ancestors.  The message they transmit through time is one of continuation, knowledge and loving support.  To properly honor one's ancestors, you must be open to forgive them unconditionally, because only through their pardon and Healing can you liberate your negative inheritance.

Realigning our ancestral process is a necessary reorganization that will allow the release of energetic blockages in one's life and in the lives of one's descendants.  It is an intense and deep process of multidimensional forgiveness that encompasses a realm beyond time, space, dimensions and frequencies. It is an act of reverence, honor and acceptance, which will release the old paradigm, Heal ancient wounds, and clear the phantom pains imprinted in our memory cells and in our pain bodies.

We are then able to activate the stellar-jewel energy of the constellation of our Dharmic Line, receiving the lessons and the blessings acquired by our lineage and to bring it to a new level of awakening and integration with the Self.

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Ancestral Healing Program

Humanity Healing is offering a three-step program to help individuals Reconnect, Heal and Realign our Ancestral Line, so that they may remove Ancestral Karma from their present reality, Heal and release their progenitors, and prevent its reemergence in the lives of their children and descendants.  This program consists three energetic meditative sessions of between 30-60 minutes and includes:

  1. A Deep Energetic Matrix Cleaning
  2. An Attunement
  3. An Empowerment

A special technique is available and employed for those who are adopted and/or have adopted children.  Participants will also receive an eBook with procedures, techniques and intunements for fulling integrating Ancestral Healing into their Dharmic Lineage.

The cost of the program is $225 USD.

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