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The Meaning of Maktub

The Meaning of Maktub


The Meaning of Maktub

Maktub is an Arabic word that means "destiny," which is interpreted as something that is predestined to happen.
This term comes from the Arabic word Kitab, which means "book." That is, when someone says Maktub, it refers to something that was already written.

For the Arabs, Maktub expresses something that was predestined to happen. That everything that happened should be as it was because it was already written.
The expression can be used in situations where the person believes that he must accept everything that happened the way it was because it was his destiny. It is usually said in times of pain and anguish; however, it is not a form of complaint but a way of reaffirming acceptance of your destiny.

Buddha was seated among his disciples one morning when a man approached the gathering.  "Does God exist?" he asked.

"Yes, God exists", he answered.  After lunch, another man appeared.  "Does God exist?" he asked.  No, God does not exist", Buddha answered.  Late in the day, a third man asked Buddha the same question, and Buddha's response was: "You must decide for yourself." "Master, this is absurd", said one of the disciples.

"How can you give three different answers?" "Because they were different persons", answered the Enlightened One, "and each person approaches God in his own way:  some with certainty, some with denial, and some with doubt."
~Paulo Coelho, "Maktub"

"It is Written" As a Destiny

The word Maktub expresses the fact that whatever shall happen is already known to God.  Each person possesses the power to choose the path of their thoughts and actions.  Destiny, the greatest mystery in every individual's life, is a grand puzzle waiting to be solved.  Nothing happens without a purpose.  Our lives are defined by the decisions we make each day.

The Arabs feel that "It is Written" is not really a good translation.  This is the root of the soul's purpose.  At the same time, as human beings we live in present all the time, we are given choices.  Since God/Goddess or Divine Source is beyond time, He/She knows all, and It's knowing itself signifies everything is written.  To know everything is part of His/Her Essence.

We are responsible for carving our future.  The path that speeds us towards our dreams can be a challenging and complex one, but each person has been blessed with talents and strengths that flow from the depths of the soul.  Each person possesses the power to choose the path for their thoughts and actions.

The world needs the fruits of the soul's purpose.  Our soul's purpose.  It is the longing of our heart, a gift we ache to express and our life's mission, but it requires patience and courage to follow the path of the heart

Trust that your inner wisdom and your intuitive mind will give you sound counsel if you have faith in yourself.

"Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams"
~ Paulo Coelho

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