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Simultaneous Lives and Soul Purpose

Simultaneous Lives and Soul Purpose

Simultaneous Lives

Can We Live Simultaneous Lives?

What is a Simultaneous Life? Can one live concurrent lives on this Earthly plane altogether, in the different timelines or in parallel Universes? The short answer is, Yes!


Technically, living simultaneous lives is something that souls do by inhabiting more than one body at a time. This means that your soul, at this time, maybe living in a completely different part of the world or Universe. How is this possible, one may ask, because we are taught that we have only one soul, only one life. Esoterically, it might not be the accepted reality.

Spiritual Blueprint: Why there are Simultaneous Lives?

Many schools of Ancient Wisdom recognize that your soul can expand to evolve into other simultaneous incarnations. In fact, they believe that the Biblical expression: “Be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28). According to these teachings, mature souls apparently have the potential to host several “soul extensions. These teachings say: each person who hosts that soul will enter this earthly life with a similar spiritual blueprint.

They will be different people. They will look very different, develop additional skills, and live different roles; however, each one will bear the same fears and memories of past lives. That means they may have similar lessons to learn.

The simultaneous lives of the same soul have virtually no influence on their different behavior in that lifetime. When the extensions meet again in the Astral Plane, the accumulated experience of those simultaneous lives. These memories will be articulated and added to the “Soul Database.” The “skills” will be growing exponentially as the soul benefits from the contingency and variety of experiences.

Simultaneous Lives and Time

There is a unique relationship between time and simultaneous lives. Chronological events can occur sequentially or simultaneously. In the latter case, the word “simultaneously” applies to two or more activities carried out at the same instance. Living in dual soulhood at the same relative point in time.

The concept of time is not really relevant when applied to the reality of souls. Since if all the souls created exist in the realms of eternity, what is the value of “time” in that dimension?

What is the Universal Purpose of Simultaneous Lives?

It is known that the soul seeks to evolve and understand the universal laws and truths; they do that by way of incarnations. The soul chooses to learn by experiences, from deriving conclusions, from gathering information, learning, and developing skills using these practices. Through simultaneous physical embodiments, the soul can evolve at a higher pace. Hence different aspects of energy gather diverse spectrum incarnational experiences, very much like different graduations of the light passing through a Prism.

Simultaneous lives can happen in other words, on this earthly plane or in another dimension, or into different ‘skin suits” that enables a soul to evolve and become better and to amplify its range of knowledge. There may be more advantages in this type of incarnation possibilities that we may be able to understand fully.

Simultaneous Lives and Soul Evolution

For example, souls may choose to have simultaneous existences to know what love is. You may not know love without knowing its opposite. You cannot understand what it is to be loved until you have experienced what it is not to be loved. These are the character of the learning experiences in duality.

One cannot fully understand love unless one experiences and understands all the range of emotions related to and opposed to love, such as fear, anger, hate, prejudice, jealousy, revenge, passion, compassion, care, sharing, generosity, acceptance, forgiveness, and so on.

Only when you have fully experienced and understood all these emotions can you fully understand love and choose for yourself that state of emotion that will define who you are for eternity.

From this point of view of the soul, we can deduce that several lives can be implemented simultaneously and can be constructed so that none of them can impact others and vice versa.


Several scientific theories attempt to demonstrate the existence of parallel universes. Parallel Timelines dimensions are like blocks that fit together. The Ageless Wisdom teacher and theosophy, Helene P. Blavatsky, affirmed that not one inch of the Universe is empty. According to these theories, every time we make an important decision, something changes the direction of our life. We create another parallel universe, another alternative, and potential reality.

For example, one day, we decided to move to a totally different country, a different culture, with the idea of going to university and then returning home. Then there we met our love, we got married, and we formed a family. We get a job, we develop a professional career, we have new friends.

We wonder what would have happened if we had returned to our country of origin after graduation or if we had not gone to that other country. What our lives would be like now on that path not chosen.

Potential Realities-Parallel Universes

The probability is that all the random events that gave rise to our reality would have occurred in precisely the same way in both universes. The only difference is that when you made a fateful decision in this Universe, you took an alternative path in the other. These two universes and that was entrained that had been parallel for so long, suddenly became divergent.

Perhaps our Universe, with the version of the events we are familiar with, is not unique. Maybe there are other universes, perhaps even with different versions of ourselves, with parallel lives, but completely different from the parameters of reality we are accustomed to.

What we speak here this is not fiction, but one of the most exciting possibilities proposed by theoretical Quantum physics.

This is what science says about whether parallel universes. If there are parallel worlds, it is almost evident that parallel lives should exist.

The latest research by physicist Stephen Hawking points out that our Universe may be just one of many similar ones.

His theory would be a solution to the cosmic paradox created by the scientist’s own work, and it also indicates a path for astronomers seeking evidence of the existence of parallel universes.

Do you believe you may be Living Parallel lives?

Some may consider the concept of parallel lives a script out of a science fiction movie but living parallel lives may not be as far-fetched as you may imagine. Many spiritual teachings affirms that we can have a life in parallel (simultaneous lives) while we travel on this universal journey in spaceship Earth.


Spirit is the essence of consciousness, the energy of the Universe that creates all things. Each one of us is a part of that Spirit – a divine entity. So, the Spirit is the higher self, the eternal being that lives within us. ~ Shakti Gawain

See Also

When a soul is ready to reincarnate in a body, only a part of it is reincarnated. The rest of the energy of that soul stays in other realms and dimensions to carry out other purposes.

That part of your soul could be inactive, or it could be living a full and happy “life” in other higher realms. This fact explains why a soul, which may have reincarnated in another body and another life, can still visit, and send messages to loved ones, family members, or friends.

Part of your essence or soul may be in the higher realms, it can also be divided or travel to a dimension that is not the dimensions known on Earth, but that is accessible to those who live on Earth. This is the dimension of the realm of the Higher Self.

In this realm, the energy of your soul (which I have called your Higher Self) can guide you and work with you as a human being. It is almost as if your Higher Self were a type of spiritual guide, but you are an immortal version holding all the wisdom and knowledge accumulated through lifetimes of experiences; It is your essence that guides you.

The Soul and The Higher Self

Your Higher Self (soul energy) has much more understanding and awareness about what you are living on Earth, so it can guide you and give you inspiration. You can tune into your Higher Self at any time and receive loving guidance.

Only when you have learned to open yourself to a higher level of consciousness can you access this part of your essence.

In other words, your Higher Self is a kind of extension of yourself living in another dimension and that you can dispose of their knowledge.

That is why we can say that we are all living parallel lives or simultaneous lives.

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