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Have You Had a Past life Connection?

Have You Had a Past life Connection?

How to Know how You Had a Past life Connection?

Have you ever met someone with who you were sure you had a past life connection?

4 Ways to Discover You Have a Past Life Connection with Someone

We often wonder if we have ever met a person before, whether by great affinity or a strange feeling that you may have already met her in a past life. Although this phenomenon is thought to be rare, it is not impossible to say that we have already met many souls in our various past lives. We have lived with many different people, but can you tell if you have seen someone in a past life? Here are some ways you can try to find that out.

"Have you ever met someone for the first time, but in your heart, you feel as if you've met them before?" ~ JoAnne Kenrick


If you have ever loved someone in the past, the chance that you will love them again in this life will be greater. Generally, the souls you have met in a past life generate an immediate connection. It is possible to know if this love is not new by the ease of relationship and that feeling's reality. And you know when that happens.

When it does occur, you may remember that this person, maybe someone who has lived in a past life with you. That feeling of love has been marked so strongly for some reason. Try to understand that there are reasons for this love to return.

"The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry lifetime after lifetime." ~ Alex Collier

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For some time in your past life, you must have lived with someone who did not do well or was not necessarily your friend. Sometimes, this feeling is maintained during the transition to a new life. So we recognize a negative feeling to a person for no apparent reason. The feeling may be a red flag for you, warning you, but it does not mean that you should hate that person. We strongly suggest you get to know her before you judge her. This is how we evolve and grow as human beings.


Some people live with us who can understand very well how we are feeling. Such a person can know what is happening without speaking. It is that person that you think of her, and soon she comes in contact with you.

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