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Violet Flame and How to Use It

Violet Flame and How to Use It

Violet Flame -Flame of Forgiveness

The Power of the Violet Flame and How to Use It

Do you regularly use the Violet Flame as part of your spiritual practice?

According to Ageless wisdom, the Violet Flame is the expression of the Seventh Ray of Creation. It is a very special ceremonial emanation capable of transmuting human negativities and karma. It is the instrument of divine alchemy; whose constant use accelerates our energy field; it dissolves the mental and emotional conditioning and contributes to the expansion of our spiritual consciousness. What would happen in your life if you figured out a way to find more balance? The good news is that this is not only possible as the secret to being successful at this task is in each being. Thus, the Violet Flame can be used to cleanse karma, renew energies, heal relationships, and bring harmony.

Discover the Power of  the Flame

The experts say that this transformation tool governs the Age of Aquarius, which began in 1954, and influences the cycle currently lived by humanity. By releasing the mind from constraints and limiting beliefs, the Violet Flame allows one to reach an equilibrium where it is needed.

Another interesting point in this story is the connection with the Count of Saint Germain, a French alchemist who lived in the 16th century. According to the legend, he would be the Ascended Master who activates this flame; besides being immortal and having access to the fountain of youth and the philosophical stone.

Mysteries aside, the fact is that this secret's benefits have gone decades and helped many people. So now it’s your turn to understand more about this topic.

What Does the Violet Flame of Forgiveness Represent?

The Violet Flame acts by identifying everything that needs to be cleaned and renewed, bringing liberation to those who need it. Just like Reiki healing modality, it works on both the physical and spiritual planes. It can function even when it is invoked at a distance.

The Violet Flame is also called the sacred Flame of Forgiveness and Mercy because it is said that the Flame represents the Holy Spirit's vibration.

When invoked, its cosmic action is complete: it transmutes our karma, heals our body, our spirit, our soul, and raises our consciousness. This high vibrating energy penetrates our nervous system, heart, and brains and increases our vital energy. Like a solvent, it dissolves the sicknesses spiritually and purifies our body of all emotional problems.

When the Violet Flame encounters our negative thoughts and feelings: stress, anger, hurt, hatred, and depression, it generates harmony and positivity, and great Light alchemy manifests itself. This spiritual firelight consumes the outward manifestation of our karma and its roots and causes by contacting the memory of past lives and purifying its records.

This flame is the expression of the Seventh Ray, which unites matter and spirit. This ray is a divine tool capable of transforming behaviors and ideas. Its main benefits are: Treat physical, emotional, and spiritual diseases.

To ease suffering; Curing traumas; Clean negative karma; Help in difficulties, dissolving obstacles. The Violet Flame is said to be very effective when used in conjunction with Lord Ganesha mantras.

The Violet Flame acts on Living beings and substances, such as people; houses; automobiles; objects; cities; oceans; rivers; countries, and the entire planet.

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The Main Characteristics of the Sacred Flame are:

Primary chakra – coronary; sound – rattles; Regent Planets – Saturn and Uranus; Perfume – violet flowers; symbol – Maltese cross;

How to Use the Sacred Flame

To put the Violet Flame into action in your life, you must ask your Higher Self to emanate that energy. Then begin to visualize the flame forming on the top of your head. For a minute, try to imagine that this ball of violet fire runs through your body. The energy entering through the crown chakra, passing through all seven main chakras and enveloping each part of your body.

Stay for some time imagining this energy acting on the heart chakra and bringing balance to the physical, spiritual, and energetic body. After that, you can ask that this flame transmute the negative into positive and that brings healing and harmony to your entire being, in a harmless way. To absorb all the energy emanated from the Violet Flame, you can do a guided meditation for a few minutes. In this way, the mind relaxes and opens itself to the healing benefits that the violet flame can bring.

You can also add a prayer of your choice and give your personal touches to practice. It is worth using crystals, incense, flowers, and everything else to leave the environment energized and prepared for this moment of interiorization. Just find a quiet and comfortable place and let go of the imagination to attract everything positive you want. Visualize the Violet Flame enveloping your home, objects, loved ones, and everything else you want to see filled with light and peace.

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