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Empathy and Virtues of an Empathic Person

Empathy and Virtues of an Empathic Person


The Virtues of an Empathic Person

Today, empathy has become a rare quality among people. With the modern world's flow, we often end up not paying attention to the other beings around us. In this way, we become the opposite of empathic person; we become "apathetic" person.

According to the Greek term that gave origin to it, empathy means "to be in emotion," "to have emotion/passion." In this sense, when we withdraw our egoic demands to try to understand our neighbors, we become empathetic people.

Today we will see five characteristics that empathic people have and what makes them unique to our planet!


Empathic people have a very enriching trait. The more they think of others and give of themselves to try to understand others' points of view, they end up becoming intellectually and emotionally rich. They can feel the other's experiences through their level of sensibility.

It is a type of empathy that sweeps across all levels of communication. No matter how different the people next to you, there is always the possibility of learning from them. Even if there is a difference in ideas, culture, and thoughts, even if they are controversial opinions and taboo defenses, when we try to understand our neighbor, we are already improving points in empathy and becoming better human beings.


Another amazing quality of empathic people is an inspiration. When we practice empathy, we can inspire others to practice Loving Kindness and develop the same feeling. During episodes of tragedy, empathy plays a significant role in harmonization and the enriching of copying abilities.

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The wave of solidarity, created by empathic people, is so powerful that it floods all the people around them. Thus, empathic people can inspire, encourage and support others either in person or virtually, through social networks and media vehicles.


The third virtue of an empathic person knows how to listen. When we prioritize listening about speaking, we become the wiser and more sensible type of people. Just as the old proverb already said: "To speak is a necessity, to listen is an art."

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