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How to Deal with Karmic Diseases

How to Deal with Karmic Diseases

Karmic Diseases

How to Deal with Karmic Diseases

Whether they are emotional, physical, or mental, Karmic illnesses and diseases can affect us at any stage in our lives.

Understanding Karmic Diseases

The word karma comes from Sanskrit, the ancient sacred language of Hindu peoples. In its literal translation, we have the word “action.” However, in the religions that have adopted this concept over the years, it mainly signifies the action that produces consequence done in past actions. Many added to the Karma concept, affirming that its meaning is not to punish an individual but rather offer life lessons through direct experience.


In spiritualism, karma is seen as the fruit gathered and brought by our spirits to this lifetime. It is a compendium of experiences and tests coming from other existences or past lives. All our past lives get us at least one kind of karma. It is precisely through this brought karma that the need for reincarnation arises to consolidate, learn and solve, and grow wiser with them in the next lives.


The diseases of karma, popularly known as karmic diseases, or illnesses, are the consequences of past karmas reflected in today’s life through mental, emotional, or physical modifications. When we get sick, the cause is usually an exterior one, such as exposure to a cold wind, virus contamination that has come into our body, and extemporaneous rain. However, when we speak of karmic diseases, there will always be internal factors. They are mental or emotional remnants of past lives that arise in the present life. If not addressed and solved – they may continue to appear again in future lives.

If we were very poor in the past and suffered a lot from it, it is common for future lives to develop a kind of greed, not so negative, but very close to being thrifty. We will always be saving things, trying to spend little. Somewhere in our subconscious, there is the precaution that something terrible happens when you do not have money.

According to the Karmic Laws, the same process is repeated in various ways and can affect us in future lives. The problem is when this happens in a very physical or negative way.


Negative and low-vibration karmic diseases are dreadful for our evolution as spiritual beings. In one way, they show us that we are not getting enough Divine light as we should. These diseases usually develop in conjunction and interaction with another human factor. In other words, another person needed to participate in the action for a karmic illness to develop.

Excessive guilt is a common factor that contributes to a prevalent cardiac disease that sometimes we do not even notice. Do you know that person who feels guilty for everything, that is always apologizing and crying for no reason? Sometimes, the person has no current pendency in her present life but carries with her a lot of past traumas, pain, and suffering.

Some Victims of abuse, fraud, or betrayals were not able to withstand this distress. They may hide their angst so profoundly that their future lives may affect them with depression, panic syndrome, and even cancers. All the illness created and fueled by the grudges withheld through time.


Another topic about the diseases of karma is the passivity of actions. It happens when our body hurts itself in various ways, whether voluntary or not. Usually, through accidents and incidents that caused such a trauma, the pain and hurt and sometimes even scars can manifest in future lives.

In addition to this controversial subject, a karmic disease could be a result of passive observations. When we speak of this, we use the literal meaning of the term. When, in life, we see bad things or see evil actions without acting to combat and prevent them, it is said that most likely, your spirit will reincarnate in a person with myopia or with different levels of blindness. This observation is recorded in the Tibetan book of the dead.

Everything that passes through our eyes, and does not generate momentum, creates in our mind a reservoir of sorrow, of something we could have done. The main reasons for this kind of karma are injustice. When you see an unjust situation and do not act to defend the victim, your eyes can amass in your vibrations so negative that they will permeate your entire life, coming to the next.

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Whether they are emotional, physical, or mental, Karmic illnesses and diseases can affect us at any stage in our lives. One should keep in mind that what you feel in your body today may not be karmic but the result of bad habits and lifestyle. Karmic diseases are here to finish a process that may have started and was impressed in your soul. Before assuming your illness is a Karmic one, first seek some spiritual counseling.

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