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Can We Transmute Negative Karma?

Can We Transmute Negative Karma?

Negative Karma

Can We Transmute Negative Karma?

By achieving the transmutation of Negative Karma, many of the difficulties we face today on the physical level can be fully transformed into positivity.

Getting Rid of Negative Karma

Almost everyone has heard of karma or the Laws of Karma, but what the vast majority of people do not know is that it is possible to transmute it or get rid of its negative side. Negative karma is constructed by actions that did not help illuminate your spirit. Instead, they may have brought pain and suffering not only to ourselves but to others. Those attitudes had their origins in previous lives and have caused us to accumulate negativity to our life karma.

What is a Ritual of Transmutation?

The Flame of Transmutation has many uses such as for Healing and transformation of bad energy into positivity.

I also knew how the Violet Flame, being an aspect of the Seventh Ray of the Holy Spirit, is a Sacred Fire used to reach karmic elimination. Moreover, you can only attain this state by practicing the Law of Forgiveness and Living through it. The success of The Karmic transmutation depends significantly on our dedication and engagement in spirituality. The transmutation process is easy to start. And anyone who wants to be free from negative karma.

By achieving the transmutation of our Negative Karma, many of the difficulties we face today on the physical level can be fully transformed into positivity. As we bring Light, the Divine Truth, into our lives. The removal of negative energy can resolve Family, financial, and professional conflicts.

How to Make a Transmutation Ritual

The Karma Ritual of Healing and Transmutation can be performed by yourself at any time of the year and needs concentration in search of good energies.

You must light a violet-colored candle every day for three weeks in a row. This candle will offer Saint Germain, to the Seventh Ray of the Holy Spirit – to Healing and karmic transmutation. After lighting the candle, focus on the Flame of Transmutation, the Violet Flame. Internalize the Flame of Transmutation and its extension through all your past lives and your current life.

After this time, concentrate on the statement:

"Saint Germain and Seventh Ray of the Holy Spirit I pray now that through this violet flame to help me achieve transmutation Karmic and exhaust all the negative karma of this life and my previous lives to achieve karmic freedom in emotional, family, financial, and spiritual energy. "

At that moment, meditate and affirm also:

"Through this violet flame, I ask that I receive the full liberation of my negative karma and with all the people whom I kept captive, or caused any spiritual difficulty, mental, professional, or financial, even those that are no longer alive in this world. "

To conclude, repeat the statement, "I am the violet flame! I (my name) am the purity that God desires." The Violet Flame works on raising any energy to its highest frequency. The Violet Flame's performance on a specific situation happens by using the three powers: Love, Wisdom, and Power, to change it. The energy of intention should be directed to the existing Living Intelligence in the Violet Flame. This consciousness then accelerates the energy to such an extent that it jumps to another vibratory pattern, producing a completely different substance.

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Violet Fire transmutes anything illusory into truth wherever it got inside of your physical or spiritual being. It includes everything from the seeds of hatred to itself to the biological virus. When the Violet Flame acts, it passes through the clogged spaces between the electrons and the nucleus. It ejects these particles of dense substance from our bodies and dissolves them. This process transmutes unqualified energy into Energy Primordial, restoring its innate purity of our beings.

The work with the Violet Fire also helps the transmutation of auric aggregates, thought-forms, and poorly qualified collective standards, which cloud and resist the path of return to the Light. There is no risk of side effects. The result is beautiful, fair, and authentic.

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