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Reiki as an Alchemical Transformational Tool

Reiki as an Alchemical Transformational Tool


ReikiReiki is one of the oldest healing modalities known to humankind. It is a technique that is not only available to be practiced, but also to be adopted as a lifestyle. It is a different way of looking at life.

Through many centuries, humanity cultivated a positivist outlook as the way to explain the universe and the immediate reality. The materialistic school of thought, “I think therefore I exist” facilitated the cultivation and the increased value of our rational, logical and deductive minds, disregarding the internal dimensions of our nature and leaving aside our intuition, sensitivity and creativity.

Most of us were brought up without knowing how to deal with our emotions and, and many times, later in life, we end up not knowing how to live with ourselves, how to face the different dynamics for different life passages; much less how to deal  with others.

Reiki energy is one of the manifestations of the wave of Love, harmony and health that comes directly from a benevolent Universe. The world feels this wave every day, through multiple experiences, whether you are aware of it or not.  Reiki is a natural system that simultaneously matches and replaces the original energy that sustains or recovers health.  With a different perspective, Reiki can also be used as a Transmutation resource, transforming harmful energies into beneficial ones.

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Although often credit to Mikao Usui, Reiki was not invented or created by a Master: Usui just awakened to the consciousness and realization of it. We all have the Reiki potential because we are born with all the multidimensional channels that connect us with various levels of Divine energy.

The physical and extra-physical bodies of a Human Being can be compared with a complex electrical installation, with different types of current running through its systems. To consciously run our multidimensional nature, one needs to ampere up the voltage of the energy that is currently running inside one’s organism.  In doing so, one is up-scaling the vibration of the entire body, opening the diverse channels with the proper connections and the resistors to support the fluctuation of different frequencies.

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