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Should We Use Homeopathy to Treat The Pandemic?

Should We Use Homeopathy to Treat The Pandemic?


Can Homeopathy Be Used in Epidemics and Pandemics?

Homeopathy is a medical treatment system created by Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. It has been used both in individual treatment and in epidemics. Hahnemann describes, in his writings, the method for finding the only suitable drug for each epidemic.

Homeopathy is an alternative medicinal treatment that contemplates the human being in its entirety. Nevertheless, there is relatively little material about homeopathic interventions in epidemics. The way the most appropriate medicine is used during an epidemic or outbreak is similar to how the homeopathic doctor chooses a medicine for a patient: the symptoms of several individuals during the epidemic are analyzed, composing a unique picture of symptoms, and medication is thoroughly selected from for this picture.

Thus, this medication can be given to the whole community, aiming at preventing that disease.

How Homeopathy helped with previous Health Crisis

It is how Hahnemann took care of scarlet fever in Germany in the 19th century. XVIII, of Thrombocytopenic Purpura in 1801, of typhus in Leipzig in 1813, and cholera in 1831, in Europe. After Hahnemann, in 1854, homeopathy was effective in the cholera epidemic in England.

Between 1862 and 1864, the diphtheria epidemic in the USA: the mortality rate was much lower in homeopathic patients. The same occurred with the Spanish flu in 1918: more than 62,000 cases were treated homeopathically, with a mortality rate of just 0.7%.

In all of these cases, historical records show the excellent effect of homeopathy for the benefit of the population. It presents a significant reduction in the severity of diseases and the number of deaths. Homeopathy sees each individual as a unique being and aims to treat the patient as a whole. As a therapy, homeopathy understands the symptoms, and the individualization of each case.

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When it comes to homeopathy in epidemics, the understanding is the same: why, in collective diseases, part of the population produces severe clinical conditions that endanger life, while another portion does not present any or little manifestation of the disease, even when proven laboratory contagion.

The answer lies in the susceptibility of each person.

Susceptibility is the ability of each organism to react to stimuli, whether they come from illness or a healing substance. The cure can only occur when the organism can respond to the disease so that it will only get sick when it does not have the correct reaction against the evil that affects it. When a population is affected by an epidemic, each person will react according to their genetic potential and susceptibility, which can only be understood by considering the external influences of the environment in conjunction with internal causes, whether physical, psychological, or spiritual.

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