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Should We Use Homeopathy to Treat The Pandemic?

Should We Use Homeopathy to Treat The Pandemic?


However, there is the susceptibility of the group of human beings that inhabit a specific place at a given time, so different epidemics arise at specific historical moments with specific socio-cultural circumstances.

The difficulties and challenges of adaptability of the current human being were not the same as that of the man and woman of the early 20th century. Particularly at the time of the Spanish flu epidemic, not to mention the Europeans of the Middle Ages who went through the black plague.

That is why, within the context of an epidemic, it is possible to establish the global view of what is affecting the population's susceptibility. From that then search for the most appropriate homeopathic medicine to cover all the symptoms of this disease through the principle of similarity.

Pandemic and the Uniqueness of Phenomena

According to Hahnemann, each epidemic "is a unique phenomenon" that usually differs from previous outbreaks.

Dr. Hahnemann observed that after analyzing a certain number of patients, an image of the pathological picture of the disease emerges. This picture becomes a pattern, which is repeated throughout the affected population.

This image is a pattern and constitutes the essential profile of the pathology that identifies it and makes it diagnosable through a "totality of characteristic signs and symptoms."

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According to the homeopathic conception, it is an image of the group defined as "epidemic genius."

In his Organon of the Art of Healing, Hahnemann says that:

"… Each isolated epidemic is of a peculiar, uniform, and particular character common to all affected individuals. When this character is found in the characteristic set of symptoms common to all, it points to discovering the appropriate (specific) homeopathic medicine for all cases. Which, then, is practically effective in all patients who had good health before the epidemic, that is, who did not suffer chronically from developed psora[1]".

The basic idea of homeopathy is the law of similarity. A substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person can be used to treat the same symptoms in a sick person.

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