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The Chakras and the Nadis System

The Chakras and the Nadis System


The Chakras and the Nadis SystemChakra-System

The Nadis: According to the yogic teachings, there are 72,000 Nadis, or channels, in the subtle ethereal anatomy of humans. The Nadis are the drivers of the lifeblood of vibrational therapy. Among the 14 major Nadis, three are of fundamental importance: Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala.  All the Nadis are subordinate to the central channel, Sushumna, which runs from the base chakra to the crown chakra. This central channel seems to cut across the spine which circulates the cerebrospinal fluid. In Eastern teaching, the Nadis of the physical body or coarse Nadis are the veins, arteries, and nerves.

Although our three-dimensional condition of life is linked to seven major chakras, there are thousands of chakras inside of our energetic system. Each of them has a valuable function and serves several different purposes.

As a rule of thumb, the chakras are the translators of our preterit memories.  They act as inter-dimensional portals that allow us to have access to the necessary energy to live our life experiences in plenitude.  They function as organs and through their surfaces they metabolize vital energy coming from our subtle bodies. Inside of each of the chakras, the energy is harmonized and distributed to the rest of the physical body through the various endocrine glands. The free flow of energy through the chakras ensures a smooth flow of vital energy to the rest of our system, providing health and vitality to the physical body.

The chakras can alter our moods and behaviors by hormonal influences since they are closely linked to our cellular structure and our endocrine system. The capture of the energies from the chakras is made through the network of fine channels of the subtle energy field, called Nadis by the yogis.  It forms what we know as the etheric double that gives the entire system the appearance of a colored grid.

While we cannot completely assimilate all three-dimensional experience in one existence, we go through the process to take upon successive embodiments, transforming the energy constantly through the game of materializing and dematerializing.

Physical life and death differ only in the exterior presentation form of energy. It is said that the spirit leaves the field leaving the body to die, but that is to say, that the energy of matter is transformed into energy of mind again; returning to accomplish the task of raising consciousness after it has assimilated the experience of physical life.

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While a soul does not exhaust all the programmed learning system into which it is inserted, it will return again by his will, or the power of attraction to the physical plane. That is, the spirit –consciousness “substance” becomes dense once again.

Nadis_ReincarnationThe universal energy is densified through the chakras system: when it descends into our physical bodies, using the Nadis as the living energy grid to spread itself broadly, moving through the points referred in acupuncture as the meridians.  In this way, all imbalances in the physical body can be somatized and detected through the chakras system before they even begin to exist, or manifest physically, by therapists who work with subtle energy.

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