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Kýrie Eléison

Kýrie Eléison


Light-a-Candle-for-Earth_Humanity-HealingKýrie Eléison, A Night Vigil for Our Planet

Kýrie Eléison is Greek for "Lord, have mercy".  The Latin transliteration supposes a pronunciation as in Modern Greek. It is a very old evocation and expression, dating back to the even pre-Christian era. It is known to evoke the power of compassion, protection and restoration to the lives of those who evoke it and it can be directed towards any person or persons, situation or event that needs the addressing of an extra temporal divine power and intervention.

The following ritual is comprised by two invocations, one of them being the Sacred Invocation as Columns of the Temple of the Central Sun as Pillars of Light and the other the Invocation of Stellar Lord Arcturus, the Master of Stellar Code – Arcturus and the Chief of the protective and restorative archangelic hosts.

The technique taught here will help you to consciously release your Higher Self to perform spiritual work while you are sleeping or when you cannot help immediately or facilitate energetic healing transmissions as the need presents itself. This technique is done through direct and focused intention, through the alignment with your Higher Self with Christ-Consciousness vibrations for the highest good of all.

This is not a new procedure or technique, but follows the prescription known by various Schools of Knowledge and Wisdom through the practice known as “Praying Without Ceasing”.

Higher-Self_Humanity-HealingThere are many ways to apply this technique.  Once you connect with your Higher Self, you can be an active participant on the higher realms and simultaneous dimensions of existence, and accomplish and broaden understanding of the web of life and creation. This is a devotional path, and it requires persistence, dedication, selfless service and a compassionate nature.

For the Praying Without Ceasing devotional technique, one has to dedicate it with clarity of intention and with no attachment to the results.  This means that you accept the fact that you do not determine how the Universe should work or proceed, as our understanding of the mechanics and logic of the heavenly skies is very limited.  Without this detachment, we tend to restrain the Creative Powers of Divine Mind through direct intervention in the energetic web of life.  This is why we highly recommend the inclusion of the phrase “According to Divine Will and for the greatest good of all involved.” while performing this technique. This is one of the basic pillars of the Law of Manifestation: to send towards the Creative Mind of the Universe your intention and allow the Universe to choose the best time and means to manifest the intention and transform it into reality.

First, you will need to calm your mind and to practice any breathing exercise that can bring you to a place of calmness and balance. You can use any mantra or preparatory prayers that are aligned with your belief system.

Temple_of_the_Central_Sun-Humanity_HealingAs you consecrate yourself as a Pillar of Light, you are automatically forming a fellowship with many multidimensional beings that perform the same task, the supporters and Chelas of the Planet Earth.  You will be, anchoring the Light much needed to continue the process of creation, expansion, evolution and enlightenment of all as you support the re-patterning of your diverse sacred geometric framework which may be out of balance and harmony.

The second invocation is a plea of assistance and support directed to Lord Arcturus, to guide, mediate and hosts our intentions and, if needed, to raise the vibration emitted by our creative thoughts and intentions, allowing the full efficiency of our transmission to be reached.

Both rituals can be performed at any time, such as before bed time, since there is no time or space limitation. What is important is your intention vibrates from your heart center, operating as a lighthouse of Grace, while your physical body receives the reposing energies that are needed for its optimum maintenance.

Know that we were created as multidimensional beings.  Our original blueprint contains immeasurable aptitudes and qualities, Gifts of the Spirit, which are progressively being developed and upgraded as we continue to expand our consciousness and assimilate and retain progressively higher amounts of Light. The innovation here is to be a conscious participant in the healing process.  Your Higher Self may already be performing these Healings, but as you forge a closer relationship with your Family of Light, Oversoul and Light Team of supporters from the Higher Realms, the know-how of being participative will create a rewarding experience beyond compare to anything in the world of pure duality.

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