On many occasions, we find ourselves in need to reach out and help someone we love. Even when it is not possible to be present to compassionately support someone; we, as multi-dimensional beings, can accomplish a similar effect by sending Distant Vibrational Healing.

Healing energy is a vital force of the original energy of the creation. This miraculous energy is in everything and is everywhere. It permeates every single inch of the manifested Universe as we perceive it.

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4 Responses

  1. Diana

    The information that I have accessed in this website has been invaluable. Many thanks to all those who share their experiences and knowledge. You have enriched my life in so many ways.

  2. Dylan Cook

    Please if you could let me know if the enrollment for the school is $10 or just the membership for the site. Is there a separate fee? Also if I enroll can I do so for a limited time to try it out?


    • hhteam

      Hi Dylan,

      Membership and enrollment in the school are the same and is $10/month for unlimited access to our material and classes, as well as discounts for Stellar Code and other attunements. It can be canceled at any time.

      Much Metta,
      HH Team

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