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Distant Healing: Loving through the Distance

Distant Healing: Loving through the Distance

Distant Healing-humanityhealing

Distant Healing: Loving through the Distance

On many occasions, we find ourselves in need to reach out and help someone we love. Even when it is not possible to be present to compassionately support someone; we, as multi-dimensional beings, can accomplish a similar effect by sending Distant Vibrational Healing.

Healing energy is a vital force of the original energy of the creation. This miraculous energy is in everything and is everywhere. It permeates every single inch of the manifested Universe as we perceive it.


Our universe emanates different types of energy for all planets and all other dimensions. The solar system is responsible for receiving all these types of spiritual energy.
All these different energy frequencies influence our astrology, our life, and, consequently, our destiny.
We all know that there are negative and positive energies. They are dosed in each of these classifications that are always around us, in our body, in our soul.


ENERGY: Chakras

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit (????) and means "wheel" or "circle." Their definition lies in this energy's vision by some initiate's spiritual foresight, who see them as punctual circles (energy centers) in some parts of our body.
For example, suppose a chakra is positively affected. In that case, the medium will see a kind of vortex, a whirlwind at this location. If someone has a very burning passion, the heart chakra must be clearly visible, with a high amount of energy.


Ki is the type of energy that comes from the universe in its amplitude. According to the fundamentals of Reiki, ki is the energy that unites us with all the spirituality of the universe and is what makes us part of it.
Many also believe that Ki is the divine energy that inhabits our body from birth, as a strong link with spirituality and with positive energy values, above all.

ENERGY: Cosmos

Cosmic energy, also written as "cosmos," is a type of universal energy. It differs from Ki by its degree of individuality. In Ki, the energy of the universe is centered on the being that receives it. In the cosmos, energy is collectively and continuously universal, as if no one had it but all at once.
This type of energy has a great evocation of peace and can bring us several benefits according to the destination - Life purpose that we are tracing on earth.


"Psychoenergy" is the energy generated through the power of thought. When we think of good things in someone's life, that person's future can be promising just because of our thinking. When we are sad and gloomy and cannot stop thinking about negative things, our general conditions' improvement does not come. It is due to the tremendous force that psychoenergy exerts on our bodies. If words have power, it is because thoughts are the source of these spoken intentions.

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