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Wu Wei: Ancient Art of Not Doing

Wu Wei: Ancient Art of Not Doing

Wu Wei and the Ancient Art of Not Doing

 Wu Wei relating to the concept of Nonintervention.

We all heard of the famous expression Laissez-faire, which summarizes the concept of Nonintervention, used initially in the Economic context. But this expression has been used in many various other levels of our ordinary lives. O Wu Wei is a concept with a similar meaning.

Wu Wei is a concept from Taoism that translates to the expression: "non-action."

It is a philosophical principle that shows us the best way to cope with a situation, especially if it is a conflicting one, is to not act. Going further on its concept, more than not working, Wu Wei teaches us not to force any solution, but instead, to let it flow.

"The path is a constant non-action that leaves nothing unfulfilled." Chapter 37 - Tao Te Ching

This verse from Chapter 37, by Tao Te Ching, brings one of Taoism's fundamental concepts: the concept of Wu Wei non-action. This concept can be confused with doing nothing, not acting. What Taoism calls non-action is, in fact, an unintended action, an involuntary action. It is an action that does not presuppose intention, but, nevertheless, it does not represent non-action. That is, non-action means doing things naturally, without ingenuity, without the excess of predetermination, without speculation.

Inner silence is what Lao Zi calls non-action. The Tao is a constant of non-action. Tao's essential nature is constant silence, a continual stillness, a continuous Void that allows the realization of all expressions within it.

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The Tao is also like an ample space that allows all things to exist, like a great silence that allows all words, voices, and expressions simultaneously.

Non Action as a Way of Doing.

For most people, it seems strange that there is a current philosophy inviting us to not act. We live in a society that continually leads us to the contrary. In fact, we live saturated with activities, sensations, and thoughts. When we're not doing anything, we feel weird. We came to think that this is simply a waste of time. We drive ourselves on the permanent feeling that we should always be doing something.

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