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Samskaras, Karma and Plastic Surgery

Samskaras, Karma and Plastic Surgery

Samskaras, Karma and Plastic Surgery

Samskaras, Karma and Plastic Surgeries

Can Plastic surgeries interfere with your Karmic programming?

Nowadays, there is surgery for everything. Some transform themselves radically to be able to feel better with their body and appearance. But we also have those who resort to plastic surgery to rebuild their appearances after a tragedy or restoring a birth defect problem.

Some undergo terribly invasive procedures, such as cutting off their toes to make them smaller or removing ribs to narrow the waist.

We are not advocating against Plastic surgeries, just the opposite. Just think how many lives change by restorative, cosmetic surgery. How many babies are saved through palate cleft surgery?

Plastic surgery is significant; however, the problem is when appearance becomes an obsession and puts your life at risk. There is no possible defense that justifies a search without limits for the perfect appearance, which damages the most important thing: our life. Health should always come in the first place.

Self-esteem is important, but there must have limits. There are spiritual protocols (like energetic blueprints) that guide incarnational programming. They cannot have the perfection of the Physical image as the ultimate objective.

In Search of an Ideal Esthetic Standard

"We live in a culture of appearance: the marriage contract matters more than love, the funeral more than the dead, the clothes more than the body and the mass more than God." Eduardo Galeano

To talk about plastic surgery, we need to start by talking about aesthetic pressure, especially false images of perfection perpetuated by Media channels and even over Social media networks.

Although there was no such name in the past, women's aesthetic pressure has always existed. There has always been a pattern in which the female body and appearance should fit.

Until recently, a woman's position in society was limited to a marriage, and aesthetics were a fundamental part of the success or failure that a woman could face when it comes to "getting a husband."

All this pressure only increased with modernity and the internet, causing the number of women who resort to aesthetic procedures (invasive or not) to force themselves to fit in specific standards.

The Aesthetic Pressures of a Modern Life

As its name suggests, aesthetic pressure is that social pressure spread by culture and significantly reinforced by the media, especially social networks. It can influence a person in various ways, including peer pressure.

Through the Social media giants, we are bombarded daily by profiles that show this perfection, reinforcing even more a certain stereotype, generating an increasing dissatisfaction with the image and the body.

And this pressure is so intense today that it affects everyone, not only women. So much so that we see many celebrities who, despite the perfect image, are harassed and criticized. Either you are too thin, or you have gained weight, and it no longer serves. The breast is too small, too large, or too floppy. If the belly has a lot of muscle, it looks like a man. If your muscles are not showing, you're too fat.

Feeling good about your appearance is important, but are we paying a fair price for being accepted socially by their fabricated Physical standards?

Some people paid with their lives, refusing food and weakening the body to the point that it stopped working injections of toxic substances to increase the lips, thighs, and butt.

What is the limit? How far should we go to meet imposed social standards? Is our appearance really so important that we risk our lives?

What does our appearance stand for in an instant as small as an incarnation, assuming that the spirit's journey is eternal? Can these physical changes change our incarnational frequency and affect us negatively?

Self-Image, Happiness, and Spiritual Evolution

Self-Image and self-esteem are important elements of the human equation for Happiness. We all know that Happiness is a vital energy that facilitates and ignites the expansion of Consciousness. We can't forget that our physical appearance is part of the Samskara elements of our incarnational programming.

Physical Appearance And your Samskaras

Samskara is originally from Sanskrit, well known in Hinduism, which means mental impression. It Can also mean residual memories and primary and fundamental impressions of Consciousness. These impressions and their respective influences are part of a registry with information through different experiences in the recent or remote past. Samskara can be influenced by subtle changes in the energetic body. Any changes in the physical body directly affect spiritual bodies.

Our physical appearance is also part of the karmic programming that we accepted before we came here. So, it makes sense to question the extent to which plastic surgery interferes with our karmic programming.

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We know that the physical appearance we "receive" at birth is also part of this lifetime's incarnation programming. But not only that, because each case is different. An obese person, for example, certainly has a metabolism that favors the accumulation of fat. So, would be fat be part of karma imprint? If we think of it as punishment, of course not. First, because the Universe does not punish anyone. Especially this way.

Small interventions to correct certain aspects of appearance are only suitable. None of this determines who you are or interferes with on the delicate karmic web. But when the appearance posture is very radical, this is a serious symptom and probably comes from Samskaras of other lives.

Influencing the Karmic programming

To emphasize the thought, the problem with Plastic surgeries is when the person becomes obsessed with aesthetic standards and performs many surgeries.

Indeed, there are spiritual implications in these cases, especially if we think that a person willing to risk his life to acquire a standard appearance has an immense emotional void. It is necessary to understand why a person can reach this point since our entire emotional Universe is part of the spiritual plane.

In such cases, there is a negative influence concerning the incarnation plan since no one comes into the world to pursue the perfect appearance and put their own life at risk.

It is also worth remembering that, the acceptance that a spirit needs to work is about its appearance. This way, changing it goes against the original blueprint of the incarnation.

Many plastic surgeries interfere with karmic programming. Yes, they can bring some subtle but negative consequences.

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