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Axiatonal Grids: The Earth’s Energy Grid

Axiatonal Grids: The Earth’s Energy Grid

Axiatonal Grid attunement

The Earth's Grid Network is a "Holographic Fractal."

In order to talk about the Earth's axiatonal network, it is first necessary to explain what an axiatonal network is.

Earth's grid is a geometric structure of angular lines divided in an indefinite way that is reduced into parts, presented as reduced copies of an entire set. In other words, it is a matrix of angular energy lines extended over the planet. but the "network" itself is much more than just the lines.

The network is a "holographic fractal."

For those who don't know the meaning of a Holographic Fractal

Fractal: is a network of energy streams, geometrically arrayed so that they form angles.

What does it mean to be a hologram?

Holograms are virtual three-dimensional images created by interfering light beams that "reflect" physical objects. Holograms preserve the original item's depth, parallax, and other properties.

Holographic fractal grids encompass ALL THAT IS, all of creation, including the entire physical Universe and all dimensional levels. They are the Matrix and templates for creation and maintenance.

The Energy grids are animated, and they are a project of the Supreme Consciousness itself, manifested in a harmonious way and with Oneness.

The concept of energy grids is easy to understand for anyone who has studied the basics of Sacred Geometry.

In Sacred Geometry, the grids are expressions of the different streams of energy and Consciousness, which follow proportions defined by the principles of this Geometry, which encompasses the entire Multidimensional Universes.

Sacred Geometry is the study of the connections between the proportions and shapes contained in the microcosm and in the macrocosm, its underlying structure (energy connections) to understand the Unity that permeates all Life.

We learn that all Life emerges from the same pattern; life blossoms from the same source: -"the intelligent, creative force of unconditional love"— SPIRIT, SUPREME MIND, GOD.

Therefore, the network is an expression of Geometry related to the evolution and expansion of Consciousness, including mind, body, and spirit, in geometric terms.

The Nature of the Fractal Grid Structure

When considering these explanations, it is easy to understand that the holographic fractal network is not just "static" and "angular-shaped."

It is an "organic and living entity," in constant transcendental evolution, in an ascending and descending materialization, passing from one form to another.

In this way, we can understand the following:

1. That the grid of the planet is a "real" geometric and energetic expression of the principles of "creation" and that it serves as a "bridge" between physical and spiritual manifestations. Ageless wisdom concepts explain that space is an entity, and every light point has sentience.

That the network of our planet was created before the Big Bang, at the moment when the void was preparing for the birth of the physical Universe; as described in the stanzas of the "Book of Dzyan." (1)

2. Any project of divine creation is anticipated by creating a support grid. It is the guide or project within which protons, electrons, atoms, and the energies of compounds necessary to create and organize the conscential project are launched.

Then, considering this context, the energy grid ensures the proper distribution and alignment of the necessary components, which are, as they say, the building blocks for creation.

So it happened on Earth and with the ALL that was, is being, and will be CREATED.

The "Holographic Fractal Grid" is ordered in an "eternal" connection, properly distributing the alignment, the vital force, and the appropriate energies for the balance of the frequency currents necessary to make the "energetic spectrum of frequencies" of our planet effective.

To conclude, it is conceived that for the creation and formation of any element, and it is necessary for the existence of a holographic fractal network will serve as a model and receptacle for the lodging of those mentioned above "raw materials," which emanate from the Spiritual Realm to the Etheric Realm—from liquid to gas to dense materials.

This demonstrates that Supreme Consciousness's work moves through Prismatic gradations of different densities, affecting from the most subtle to the densest level.

In this way, the existence of a network is necessary for each breeding species, from bacteria, fungi, insects, plants, animals, etc., the most complex network ever created, which is the network surrounding the physical body of man.

(1) The Book of Dzyan (comprising the Stanzas of Dzyan) is a reputedly ancient text of Tibetan origin. The Stanzas formed the basis for The Secret Doctrine (1888), one of the foundational works of the theosophical movement by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky.


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