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DNA Repair-Ancestral Healing

DNA Repair-Ancestral Healing


DNA Repair-Ancestral Healing Part 2

The first phrase of the Bible explains itself through the understanding of God’s act of Creation:  out of the ever-existing essence of space, the twofold energy formed the double heaven.

"In the beginning of creation, when God made the heavens and earth, and earth was without form and void, with darkness over the face of the abyss…”
~ Genesis 1

Our first pair of DNA is known as our Backbone DNA. This pair is responsible for the physical aspects of the human body.  They direct our genetic patterning and physical predispositions.  Our Backbone DNA denotes the inclination we have as individual to certain conditions such as aging, health, metabolism and general life structure. These also are responsible for the external characteristics one has, such as the color of the hair, skin, etc.

The Backbone DNA determines what is given to us through our bloodlines: our ancestral line. Stored in this double helix are the information, the expectations, the dreams, goals, and soul programming of the ones that came before us. It is also recorded their failures and successes. This is an important piece of information and may be the reason why so many of the ancient traditions and schools of Wisdom emphasize the necessity of the cultivation, healing, and redemption of our lineages.

There are many individuals today that claim that the existing human form is a distortion of the original DNA and that this distortion was done by evil entities.  Frankly, this is of no use and to continue the blame game only perpetuates the dance of the light and shadows.  We reaffirm the importance to cleanse and release blockages that were in the way imposed on us and that were accepted passively since we had no choice but to do so as we entered this physical existence and were in need of a physical vehicle in which to experience duality.

Many of this cleansing and integration is done in an involuntary and unconscious way, but it take up a diverse range of life experiences, and often many incarnations, to be fully cleared up.

dnaThe voluntarily and fully realized spiritual work done on our ancestral lineage can greatly improve our capabilities and the ability to fully absorb the incoming energies of the shift, facilitating ascension, and at the same time “turn on our matrix system” to operate on a higher level of vibration. When this is done, the karmic residues, stagnated energies of old contracts and dense energies of basic fears and feelings such as guilt, unforgiveness and resentments can get released and heal permanently. There is no way one can ascend without visiting the old wounds of the past.

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The entire objective of the development of a spiritual life is the amplification of our levels of consciousness, the possibility to absorb more efficiently the different light codes bestowed upon us through the Law of Grace, and to be self-realized on the different planes we operate as multi-dimensional beings.

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  • I found this quite pertinent, I have a daughter who is quite ill at the moment, and was today really sitting back and wondering why despite all the good that I do…I seem to constantly be bombarded with negativer energy and things that happen…..and the I recalled my russian ancestors and I realised and recalled some information imparted to me by both my father and one of my ancestors and I reralsied just how crucial it is that someone in the family step up to right the wrongs of the past and to heal all that has happened to other people and to us. So be It and So it is done.

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