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Ancestral Healing

Karmic Diseases, Origins and Implications, Part II

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Karmic Diseases: Some Clarifications Sexual Karmic Illness A karmic illness can be acquired through sexual karma, beyond the act of raping, or inflicting death following rape, sexual karma also can be the use of sexual magic in order to manipulate someone through occult practices with predetermined objectives. As any type of magic spell, the practitioner is also bonded by it. ... Read More »

Karmic Diseases, Origins and Implications, Part I

Karmic diseases_humanityhealing

Karmic Diseases, Origins and Implications Karmic diseases or ailments are usually experiences brought into your reality from other lifetimes as a result of physical injury or grievance committed against another living being. The physical karma may have involved many aspects of direct and indirect harming to another being not necessarily resulting in deaths.  It can be the consequence of harming ... Read More »

The Genetic Consciousness – The Cellular Seals

Ancestral Healing, Part 6 In the process of evolution, every being experiences a variety of different personalities, in diverse living backgrounds and faces a diversity of life challenges. It usually learns how to conciliate different roles in life, as sons and daughters, lovers, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, friends and enemies. Sometimes these experiences are not necessarily pleasant, but ... Read More »

Ancestral Alignment – Reorganizing the Dharmic Lineage

Ancestral Healing, Part 5 During the process of the clearing of our energetic template and re-activation of its full potentiality, we find ourselves dealing with elements and events that were not necessarily created in our lifetime.  We may also feel that we are not receiving the benefit from the consequence of our own actions. We can feel the effects of ... Read More »

Ancestral Healing and the Stellar Codes

Ancestral Healing, Part 4 Through the analysis of the complexity of our human bodies, we realize that we cannot reduce anyone’s lives based solely on labels and pre-judgmental concepts. We are an intricate creation on various levels.  We were made in such an elaborate way to suit the needs of learning and apprehension of knowledge in various levels of consciousness. ... Read More »

Ancestral Healing – DNA Repair

Ancestral Healing, Part 2 "In the beginning of creation, when God made the heavens and earth, and earth was without form and void, with darkness over the face of the abyss…” ~ Genesis 1 The first phrase of the Bible explains itself through the understanding of God’s act of Creation:  out of the ever-existing essence of space, the twofold energy ... Read More »

Ancestral Healing – Who Are Our Ancestors?

Ancestral Healing, Part 1 Our Ancestors are the living beings that came into existence in the period before us and through the sacred breath of their lives, gave us the dawn of our way of life among the constant weaving of souls on the Earth through the millennia of time. We can define ancestors as our progenitors, our predecessors, and ... Read More »