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Ancestral Healing – The Cellular Seals

Ancestral Healing – The Cellular Seals

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Ancestral Healing: The Genetic Consciousness - The Cellular Seals Part VI

Cellular Seals are resonance patterns that we inherited  from our Ancestral lineage through our Physical  and Spiritual DNA. In the process of evolution, every being experienced a variety of different personalities, in diverse living backgrounds and faces a diversity of life challenges. It usually learns how to conciliate different roles in life, as sons and daughters, lovers, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, friends and enemies. Sometimes these experiences are not necessarily pleasant, but they are all the personifications of life lessons and challenges designed by the soul to gather the necessary experience to continue its progress and expansion on its way to the great synthesis.

In many of these experiences, sometimes feel like there is a brick wall of impediments and obstacles to be overcome all of the time; and that the commitments that were made are too hard to keep or even to work with.  Many of these frustrations get housed at the cellular level, imprinting an unconscious negativated energetic pattern into our DNA,they are Cellular Seals which can create dis-resonance not only in the specific lifetime in which was created, but also can replicate and ripple into future lives as well as down through the ancestral lineage to the decedents.

When a soul comes back to earthly life and takes a physical body again, these energetic imprints are immediately reactivated as fiery seals.  These are awakened and reestablished because one cannot be rid of the worlds of Samsara, the wheel of Karma, without clearing these resonating patterns in all our reincarnational self-blueprints.  As a result, they have introjected again into the system to be accessed and dealt with within a new round of opportunities and experiences.

Cellular _seal_Humanity-Healing.jpgMany factors precipitate the reinstallation of these Cellular Seals or DNA psychic "detonators" since they are disharmonic arrangements engraved on the unconscious level of our bodies.

They often weave unconscious threads; and consequently, they can be activated by a plethora of stimuli, such as the visual contemplation of a landscape that can incite Deja Vu, an old photograph, a person with whom you may experience a strong connection, the instinctual reaction to a perfume, a smell or a challenging situation.

The conditioning of these patterns can become additionally complicated when the same cellular consciousness coming from one’s ancestral lineage is added.

Our ancestors may have inadvertently enhanced our burden through their vibrations of a different spectrum of emotions and desires that, in the worst case scenario, can create what we refer to in spiritual therapy as Virtual Personalities.

It may sound crazy at first, but many cases of addiction and abandonment come from the “virtual incarnation” of these virtual personalities. These simulated characters can greatly influence the real incarnated personality, creating repetitive patterns in one’s life, obstacles, and serious emotional and mental limitations. The opposite is also known and seen, when the virtual personality incarnates the good aspects of the patterning, creating a loving, supportive relationship with the real incarnated personality.

In many cases, the effect and influence of the ancestral consciousness upon the embodied soul is prominent and produces a more acute situation than those that were originated by the reincarnational selves themselves.

The Cellular Seals & Genetic Consciousness:

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Cellular Seal_ancestral_Healing_Humanity-HealingThe activation of these  Cellular seals also implies the activation of Karmic processes for many of the sleeping egos/ personalities. With the addition of suffering coming from other sources such as the ancestral line, the individual may easily create an aura of resistance and dissonance which may, in their turn, give birth to obsessions, vices, addictions, and warped psyche.  It is of great importance to be aware of these factors when traveling the spiritual path, so we acquire an understanding of the many factors that can be at play at any given time in one’s life.  Through the light of this rationale, one is invited to revisit the concept of immediate and summary judgment of another’s path and virtual limitations. Everyone here is striving their best to attain freedom from duality. We will never know for sure what is happening in the secret realms of another human being. The same level of care and awareness should be observed by parents as co-creators of their children’s reality.

This mindfulness, knowledge, and behavior become powerful auxiliary tools when treating many so-called spiritual maladies because they allow the spiritual therapist to perceive the limitations, to understand repetitive behaviors and patterns, the sense of necessity and the ego disguises of their patients.

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