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A Brief Anatomy of Extra-Physical Bodies I

A Brief Anatomy of Extra-Physical Bodies I

axitonal-lines_Humanity-HealingA Soul entering into human existence in our world will need some tools for existence:  it will receive a physical body and an Ego. They are the “hardware” required to run your “program”, your life purpose, in our holographic world of being.

Many people tend to consider both of these aspects as enemies or adversaries that need to be conquered.   This feeling comes from the fact that it is through these two “devices”, one come to experience the boundaries of the tri-dimensional world and the limitations of the Karmic lessons. In consequence, some seem to believe that if they did not have a physical body, they would not feel the constraints of these restrictions. There are even individuals that deny completely the “wisdom of our bodies”, through the knowledge acquired by eons of evolution and adaptation. The body serves the purposes of the Soul, and therefore we should acknowledge its ways, and when you feel tired, or just not well.

The Etheric Body

We also have as a requirement an ethereal body.  Some can even perceive the ethereal body showing approximately one centimeter above the skin. But the ethereal body is also inside of your physical body. This body is responsible to sustain some primary structures that belong, simultaneously, from the seventh, sixth, and fifth dimensions.

anatomia_oculta_Humanity-HealingThe fourth dimension, or the astral plane, is where all the actions of Karmic lessons to be learned and assimilated by the Soul are stored.  It is from this dimension that all the movements that are going to feed the other energetic bodies with all the Karmic experiences are activated. This dimensional body is used to keep the DNA responses always working at the survival level.  It does this limiting the amount of Light that the body is able to absorb.

In the Etheric body, we find some structures that pertain to the fifth dimension, or the body of Light, but this structure is dormant in great portion of our Humanity. In this construct resides what we call the Etheric Crystals, whose function is to block some frequencies of energy, preventing the Lightbody from being activated prematurely.

The entire structure of the fifth dimension is formed by a very delicate and complex system of Meridians and Axitonal lines, along with rotating vortexes that are in annex with these structures.

Through the illusions of the duality which are proper for third dimensional levels, we human beings tend to attain the perception that we are disconnected from Source; and that our Meridians are no longer linked with the spiritual and transcendental realms and from other Stellar communities. This cannot be further then the truth.

The Axitonal Lines are equivalent to the meridians studied and utilized by the system of acupuncture, and they facilitate not only the reconnection but also the interaction between the individual and the Supreme Mind, or Logos, and Beings of the various Stellar systems.

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Through these Axitonal Lines, or meridians, the Human body is reprogrammed directly by the Higher Self, which provides the adequate integration and activation of the Lightbody.   The Axitonal Lines exist in every living organism, no matter their shape or the biological constitution. They are composed by Light and sound frequencies. They emanate from various Stellar systems, and they are the means from which the Galactic body regulate its mechanisms of renovation and expansion.  “As above, so below”.

Axiatonal_linesTo activate, and restructure properly, the meridional Axitonal Lines, it is necessary to anchor the energies of the Christic office.  Once these connections are reestablished, the Higher Self and the I AM Presence will send forth the right frequency sequences of Light and sound to transmute the physical structures of the carbon-based material body into the crystalline structure of the Lightbody. The Axitonal Lines are found along the meridians described in acupuncture and they connect with some of these meridians through rotating points, spherical-like vortexes, which expel electromagnetic energy through pores of the skin.

We can find the same type of structures in every cell of the human body.  At these points, the cells can emit frequencies of sound and Light, which propel the atoms and molecules to rotate at diverse speeds. Through the elevation of the frequency of vibration of the cells in a circular manner, new Fibers of Light are created, and these are vital elements for the both the regeneration and development of the physical cells. This is how Vibration Healing and Spiritual Healing occur.

To learn more about Axitonal Alignment, read The Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli and Axis Coeli – Axis Mundi Attunements

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