Axis Coeli – Axis Mundi Attunements

Join us on the Solstices and Equinoxes for the Axis Coeli and Axis Mundi Attunements.

Axiatonal attunement-Axis Mundi

Participating with an Axis Coeli or Axis Mundi Attunement

The Axiatonal Initiation and Attunement is a Spiritual manifestation of Balance.  Full Axiatonal Attunement, or both the Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli, allows an individual to BE a true Column of Light between Divine Source and Mother Earth.  The individual becomes one of the Threads in the building of the Planetary Antahkarana.

It will help to burn off and dissolve the three lower levels of consciousness formed originally by a material or physical atomic structure, what we usually regard to as below the Veils of Paroketh on the Tree of Life.  It weaves a Stellar Bridge between your Solar Angel, your Christic Body (the Christ-consciousness energetic field), your Buddhaic Body, your Oversoul, your Etheric Light Body, and your "I AM" Presence (God Self) into your physical body, and fully anchors each of them permanently into your immediate reality.

Humanity Healing offers the Axis Mundi Attunement on the Equinoxes and the Axis Coeli Attunement on the Solstices.  As the attunements work with the balance between the four points, the price of an Axis Coeli or Axis Mundi Attunement is $44.44.  After purchase, you will be directed to a page where you can download an eBook discussing the Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli.  This price covers the next Attunement to be done.  The Axis Coeli is shared on the Solstices.  The Axis Mundi is shared on Equinoxes.

For more details about the Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli Attunements, visit the following article and video: The Axis Mundi and Axis Coeli


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