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 Signs You Have Incarnated Before

 Signs You Have Incarnated Before

Incarnated Before

 Signs You Have Incarnated Before

Is this your first time around, or have you incarnated before?

How Do You Know That You Have Incarnated Before? – 6 signs you have already undergone a reincarnation process

Reincarnation is a belief present in several religions but has differences according to the place where one lives. It is a controversial subject. Even in ancient and ancestral faiths, there is no logical proof of its existence, but the indications are many. In some religions – especially Western religions – it is believed that souls can return to earth for different reasons.

According to Eastern religions, to inhabit another human body again, it is thought that the soul has been unfortunate in past lives. It may reincarnate in animals if the karma obstructions are more significant. Be that as it may, the signs of rebirth, or that you have Incarnated before are similar in the various religions that believe in it and see the main symptoms you have reincarnated on this planet.

"I know I am deathless. No doubt I have died myself ten thousand times before. I laugh at what you call dissolution, and I know the amplitude of time." ~ Walt Whitman

Signs You have Incarnated Before

#1 – Unexplained fears and attitudes

Some fears and phobias have no logical explanation: fear of water without ever experiencing the sensation of drowning or fear of a ladder without ever having fallen from one. These inexplicable fears and attitudes may result from a problem that occurred in the past life. A soul that died drowned can reincarnate and bring that fear to the new being reincarnated.

#2 – Having Déjà vu as Proof of Reincarnation

Do you know that "I've seen this scene before" or "I've lived this moment" feeling? It is a feeling where the person believes that he has been there, has lived that moment, or knows someone he has never seen before.

The Déjà vu scientific explanation is a failure of Memory's mechanisms. It is said it happens when an event is stored directly in the memories of the long or short term. This way, without going through the immediate, so we have the sensation of having already occurred.

But what does spirituality say about it?

Spirituality believes that this happens if you face a situation that you have experienced in a past life and so have experience through time remembering something that happened in another life. By the vision of spiritual people, Déjà vu are memories of past lives. The brain could not hide the recollection and presented "a bug" in the system, releasing a small remnant of what we already lived. It is as if it were compared with a past life.

What to do after a déjà vu happens?

Only after having a déjà vu experience, breathe, close your eyes and try to desire good things. Try to focus on gratitude for all the knowledge gained, right after you ask yourself: why did this sensation come to the surface? What led to this feeling?

If you discover the answers or try to tread in search of self-knowledge, know that you are undergoing a spiritual evolution process. So, take a moment for reflection and meditation, asking yourself to have greater wisdom and understand the messages brought about by this feeling.

Types of Déjà vu

Déjà vu vécu: it is different from a simple déjà vu because the sensation and feelings are very detailed. Consequently, it has a longer duration than the common ones. So, usually, they are intense and persistent.

Déjà vu senti: refers to the same sense, but is exceptionally mental and has quick aspects, rarely remains in Memory after, that is, soon after the sensation obtained, it is lost in time, and the person does not remember anymore.

Déjà vu disité: it is related to a new place, the person knows absolutely everything about the site, without having ever stepped on it. Never-vu: it names the feeling of fear and insecurity, that is, knowing that we are in the situation for the first time, but with how we were before.

There are many types of research and references on this subject, each in its positioning and explanation. What we do know is that in both science and spirituality, this feeling is real. And so, these experiences can enrich our memories and mainly bring self-knowledge.

#3 – Recurring dreams

Often, we have a recurring dream with no logical explanation for it. It can be a complete dream that you dream about or some elements present in different dreams. This element can be a person, a place, an animal, an object, anything. It may also be someone from a past life trying to tell you something important, and you need to decipher the dream, but you still cannot return it with the same dream message.

#4 – Remembrance of a place you never knew

You go somewhere (or see photos or a video) of a place that has never been, and that place is familiar to you. You have never seen him before but feel a comfort, a welcome as if he had lived there as if it could be your home. In fact, it may have been in past lives! The sense of belonging and often the recollections of some facts about that place (which you are sure you have never seen read anywhere) can also be signs of reincarnation.

#5 – Birthmarks

Some religions point out that the birthmark is related to the soul's death in another life. Some people are born with marks similar to shots or marks of knives or axes. For example, and then say that the birthmark reveals how that person died. Often two souls who have lived together can recognize themselves through the birthmark.

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#6 – Feeling Nostalgia or missing someone you never even met

That is a tough one because, at one time or another, every single one of us felt the feeling of inadequacy and the longing to go back to a place where we felt truly loved. This place could have existed in this lifetime during another phase of your life. This may be one of the strongest signs you have Incarnated before. Still, suppose you never experienced this in this lifetime but craved it as if you have experienced it before. In that case, this is definitely an incarnational sign.

I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times… In life after life, in age after age, forever. My spellbound heart has made and remade the necklace of songs, That you take as a gift, wear round your neck in your many forms, In life after life, in age after age, forever.

~ Rabindranath Tagore

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