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Earth Star-Clearing of the Reincarnational Point

Earth Star-Clearing of the Reincarnational Point


Earth Star -The Clearing of the Reincarnational Point

Earth Star Chakra Attunement:

The Earth star Chakra holds the records of our ancestral histories, all of our current incarnation's family secrets, cycles as well as all generational issues.Earth star

It is also the seal-keeper of all past life incarnations and karmic lessons. It is believed to coordinate the "grounding cord" for one's Lightbody that leads to the center of the earth and when functioning properly in coordination with the first chakra (the Muladhara chakra) allows one to be grounded and centered.

The physical plane is governed by the laws of polarity. The Earth Star is a vital polarity point through which the divine consciousness of Star Gate, Star Soul, and the Causal Chakra reaches full expression. The conscious activation of the three upper chakras, it is necessary to simultaneously awaken the Earth Star. In fact, you can only stimulate the Earth Star with cosmic rays emanating from the upper transpersonal chakras.

The first level of attunement of the Earth star is done in one of its vortex points called the Incarnational Point. This point located only a few inches below the feet and is the area responsible for the keeping of practical implementation of the soul's passage for the current lifetime. This point connects us directly with the Earth's Inner Sun, which gives the body stability and reliability.

Esoterically, the Earth Star Chakra is connected ith the 7th Chakra-the Crown Chakra, and also to the 9th transpersonal chakra.

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  • Blessings, I am still waiting a reply to be registered for the Earth Star Attunement, which I really need & look forward to, I am in Australia and as hard as I have looked I cannot find how to be included so please reply, its probably staring me in the face or maybe because i am blonde lol ,hope to hear from you so I can be include,Many thanks, I am a member, Namaste Rosalie Muir

  • Hi Chris and Sis!!
    I look forward to this attunetment, thank you, blessings and love.

  • So very glad to be a member of HHN.There is much for me to learn from this site so much to absorb.Namaste

  • Hi,

    On reading the article on the Earth Star attunement, I was so looking forward for the attunement.
    I felt amazing energy and it was a great experience.
    Thank you so much for the attunement.


  • Thank you very much Chris and Liane, we were able to have several of us together connected with people at the same time using internet conferencing software so we could be totally connected in our efforts but in Body, Mind, Spirit and Soul.
    The energies were wonderfully exciting as we could be beautiful light and vibrations as we used step will lowering and raising the spiral method and breathing, we loved the 4×4 breathing very much. This is a very special event that we are all appreciative for you help to facilitate and bring about so much understandings as this is one of the most powerful intunement / attunements that I personally have experienced. Again we all love you so very much.
    Namaste and much Metta
    James “silvershaman”
    PS: Thanks for the attached Certificate!!!!

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