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What to Expect with a Stellar Code Attunement

What to Expect with a Stellar Code Attunement

The Attunements and Initiations of the Stellar Codes™ are both similar to other types of energetic attunements, such as Reiki, and very different.

A good analogy for a Reiki Attunement is that of a garden hose.  All of us have the ability to be a channel for Healing energy, but the flow is often blocked.  What a Reiki Attunement does is unkink the garden hose so the water, or in this case energy, can flow through it easier.  What happens with the Stellar Codes™ is that you not only get unkinked, you get a bigger hose.  While Energy Practitioners will notice an increase in the Healing energy they are a conduit for, this is a happy side effect and not the purpose of the Stellar Codes™.

The Stellar Code™ Matrix translates the energy of the Divine into an individual's life by increasing the capacity to interact with one's Soul through the enlargement of one's Central Channel or Antahkarana.  The Attunements are done within the subtle bodies; therefore, no physical discomfort should be experienced, especially if the Aspirant practices the techniques indicated in the manuals.

The Attunements of the Stellar Codes™ are the substrata that allow the individual to consciously retain the Stellar Empowerments and translate them to the needs and demands of daily life.  The attunements are the facilitation frequencies that are transferred from the Teaching Master to the Aspirant to smooth the progress of the opening of new channels inside one's body, allowing them to transmit further these new frequencies, once they are enabled to capture the energy and ground it in their new open channel points.

Each Stellar Empowerment is a Thread that connects the Heart Chakra of the Lower Self of the Initiate to their Higher Self.  The Teaching Master, acting as a temporary "bridge" facilitates the new connection points between the Lower and Higher Selves which the Initiate immediately permanently bridges.  The Attunement is the weaving together of the individual Threads of the Empowerments into a single Strand, whose capacity for "flow" is greater than the sum of its parts.

Each Stellar Code™ Attunement and Initiation is different as each has a different function and a different frequency.  Each Guidebook teaches different Spiritual techniques and how to apply them.  Each Stellar Code™ falls into one of three categories, or Cords, by which the Antahkarana is enlarged.  We refer to them as Lightmaker, Lightweaver and Lightwarrior; as these names represent the emphasis of different aspects or teachings: the characteristics of Love, Will and Power of the Trine Flame of the Heart.

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With Membership in the University, the Aspirant has access to the Guidebooks for each Attunement.  These discuss the background and archetypical symbology inherent with each Stellar Code™.  Once the Aspirant signs up for the Attunement, they receive an email setting up an appointment for the attunement.  Each Attunement takes about an hour.  The email also includes a copy of the Attunement Guidebook Appendix, which contains, the specific information for each Attunement, including techniques, meditations, and symbols or syllables.  It is expected of the Aspirant to study the information, practice the techniques and meditations, and prepare for the Attunement and Initiation.

For more information about the Stellar Code™ Mastership Program, click the blue-highlighted Stellar Codes™ in the Category Bar above or visit the University section of the website.

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  • Being ‘attuned’ has allowed me to perceive through the veils, they seem to be melting away as I am finding no limitation.
    I communicate to all of nature, and natures critters, bugs, animals, and plants.
    I am able to ‘see’ my guardians in their light form, and hear bits of their laughter, etc.
    Last I ‘looked’ my light being and I were in process of convergence. A slow process where full unity appears to be the goal.
    I have requested council on this, as there seems to be no limitations of any kind.
    I was offered to ascend, but declined to stay with my wife.
    Things seem to be unfolding or being revealed, guess we get to wait and see…

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