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Should We Use Homeopathy to Treat The Pandemic?

Should We Use Homeopathy to Treat The Pandemic?


"Thus, Eupatorium perfoliatum, an American plant, causes healthy individuals to experience pain in the body, back, head and joints, in addition to fever. As you can see, these are signs similar to those of dengue victims.

According to the law of similarity, he explains, it is possible to prepare medicine with Eupatorium to treat dengue patients.

There are theoretical and practical indications that homeopathy can preventively or clinically treat epidemic diseases.

As an alternative medical treatment, homeopathy is accessible both to the individual and to governments.

Particularities of The Homeopathic Treatments

The Homeopathic treatment is accepted by the majority of the population, being effective and non-toxic in the recommended doses. Homeopathic medicine is easy to administer and is therefore also accepted by children.

Homeopathic medicine does not require special storage. It should not be subjected to excessive heat and proximity to electromagnetic fields.

Homeopathic therapy does not require specificity, as is the case with a vaccine, as it considers the symptoms of the disease, not specifically a virus or bacteria. Homeopathy can be used preventively and treat symptoms of epidemics. Even if there is no vaccine, or specific treatment, only symptomatic ones.

Other countries, such as Cuba and India are poor and populous countries. They are looking for therapeutic alternatives.  Homeopathic therapy was used to prevent and treat dengue and similar diseases, with positive results.

These are just a few reports in which we can see that homeopathy is an efficient alternative to fight epidemics and be low-cost. However, it would be good if we use it more and more to benefit all people.

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Foot Note

[1] During Hahnemann's time, the term 'Psora' determined all skin troubles. Hahnemann defined Psora as "the oldest, most universal, most pernicious disease. And yet a chronic miasmatic disease, which has been deforming and torturing the nations for thousands of years."

Miasm is a term comparable to diathesis, dyscrasia, constitution, or terrain. Hahnemann recognized three miasms, which he called Psora, Sycosis, Syphilis. Dr. Hahnemann gave the theory that every living organism is formed of MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. We believe that, by spirit, he meant vital force.

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