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Empathy and Virtues of an Empathic Person

Empathy and Virtues of an Empathic Person


It is what makes one empathic. It is an artistic and altruistic virtue when one listens to the needs of another. When someone wants to talk to you about something they are experiencing or when they want to demonstrate a point of view, always wait for them to finish speaking, to expose their whole idea, so that you can help them the best way possible.

Listening is a gift that emanates from the empathic person and nourishes the heart of the one being heard — a person when feeling that is acknowledged also feels more understood and, mainly, loved.


Another intrinsic quality of empathic beings is the ability to live the life of another person. For that, when we do this, we try to adjust ourselves entirely so that we feel to the fullest what it is to be, what it is to be in the body of those who go through such a situation, or who think that idea.

When we are talking to someone, we sometimes come across some questions, such as, "How did he do it?", "How did he start thinking about it?", "Is this true, because It seems so unlikely. "

These questions only serve to draw us away from the real goal of empathy.

When doubts and questions like that touch your heart, you should not criticize the other person but try to place yourself in their position. How they live, how they are, what they go through. When you feel yourself in their skin, things may be much more exact for you, which will help you not judge.

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"Walk a few miles in someone else's shoes before you criticize it."


One of the most challenging barriers to be broken is that of prejudice. It is widespread to see fights, especially involving religions, among people that insult themselves and sometimes end up even fighting physically.

Empathy gives voice to both. The two people allow a connection, and the similarities between them can become apparent, and both may become better human beings. The empathic attitude opens our hearts to a more significant human and cultural background. Sometimes prejudiced people can stop being so by the simple act of dialogue, listening to the difficulties of the other, and feeling with their hearts.

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