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"Summing up, it is clear the future holds great opportunities.  It 
also holds pitfalls.  The trick will be to avoid the pitfalls, 
seize the opportunities, and get back home by six o'clock."  
~Woody Allen
Star Date: Mars enters Cancer; Moon is growing in Virgo, both aspects are inviting us to organize our homes, our minds and our lives; and to get rid of clutter and unnecessary objects, worries concerns, and even relationships. It is quite easy to confuse the human mind and sometimes things can become tricky, such as how to discern between a real need and other artificial needs, especially when we cannot define what our basic needs really are. It is time to refine the spectrum of your life and to simplify.
To help you to jump start simplifying life, this week we will work on the concept of Emptiness and the practice of Sunyata Meditation.

Much Metta,
Liane and Christopher
Humanity Healing University 

Appearance Emptiness II
  Spiritual Exercise of the Week  
 The Sunyata Meditation
The Art of Emptying Ourselves
The Sunyata or Emptiness is a Buddhist technical term which refers to the fact that phenomena lack permanence and substantiality (or essence). Sunyata is one of the deepest realization states of meditative consciousness. It is what we all experience when we close our eyes and study the interiority of life. 

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  New Article and Video  
 Emptiness and The Shore Beyond - Part 1
The Sunyata, the Emptiness, is one of the deepest realization states of meditative consciousness. It is what we all experience when we close our eyes and study the interiority of life.
  New Article  
Emptiness and the Shore Beyond- Part II
The Essence of the Heart Sutra is centered on the phrase "The form is nothing but emptiness, and emptiness is nothing but form," all things are empty, this includes our psychic qualities, our thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions, our body and all the reality around us
60090_245066135616897_152449627_nStellar Code™ – Polaris is one of the Strands that make up the Cord of the Lightmaker.   It is made up of three Threads, or Empowerments: Polaris, Capella and Sirius.
  Stellar Codes™ Attunement  
Stellar Codes™ - Polaris

The Polaris Empowerment represents a energy of Balance and a Unification of Polarities.  It also represents Divine Inspiration and a dispensation of Grace.  It is a strong energy that activates the Soul’s Sideral GPS, bringing discernment and entraining synchronicity with the changing rhythms of the Cosmic Waves.  Polaris awakens the inspiration of Soul’s Divine mission, opening its creative potential and generating the right grounds to enact the Soul’s Dharma. The Stellar Code™ Polaris Attunement and Initiation is part of the Stellar Code™ Program.  To watch the video and learn more, click the View Button.  To participate with the Attunement, click the Buy Button below.  This will direct you to the Member Discount page.  The cost for University Members is $60.00.

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