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  Esoteric Quote of the week

An idea can turn to dust or magic,

depending on the talent that

rubs against it.

~William Bernbach

Cosmic Blessings!
We enter yet another phase in our journey towards self-realization, with the influence and special Dispensations of Grace coming from many Cosmic collective sources, such as the Festival of Leo, The powerful influence of the Sirius' Star System, the star of Regulus and the Seven Rishid of the Ursa Major. The constellation Ursa Major gives “Insight, persistence, endurance and passive strength….It is the strength of patience, and the use of time to calmly solve problems rather than to take dynamic action”.

This week we receive an unique opportunity to work upon our dreamworld and experience archetypical Higher-self teachings at our soul level. Cyclical Meritorious Dispensation from Meteor Showers  are centering techniques that facilitate the anchoring of these "private" lessons as blessings in our path.

Our Attunement of the Month for August will be The Opening and Activation of the Stellar Gateway.  This Pineal Gland Attunement is part of the Humanity Healing Attunement of the Month series. This point is intimately connected with our Body of Light and with the Divine I AM Presence, as a universal symbol of pure Divine love. Its encompasses and condenses all the higher and sacred energies of the 12 Cosmic Rays.  You can read more about it and watch the video at:

The Opening and Activation of the Stellar Gateway

The window for Stellar Code™ Sirius is now open. There is no true starting point for the Stellar Codes™ as they follow the cycles ofthe heavens, but if you are considering participating with this school of mystery and receiving the Stellar Code™ attunements; Sirius is a very good place to begin, because it symbolizes the anchoring of Christ-consciousness upon the realism of the Heart.

Much Metta,
Liane and Christopher
Humanity Healing University 

  Attunement of the Month  
The Opening and Activation of the Stellar Gateway
As a school of wisdom that advocates spiritual development, we insist that the proper upgrading and shaping of our character cannot be forgotten or overlooked. The Attunement is available to all Members of the University. Please log in and click the button below.
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  New Article and Video  
Cyclical Meritorious dispensation from Meteor Showers
Esoterically, the meteor showers function as a temporary immersion of very specific energies originated from the massive cosmic archetypes, such as the planets, constellations, comets and from inter-planetary regions of the solar system space.
 See the video on the same page of this article.
  New Articles; Working with Archetypes 
Archetype: Perseus -The personification of Courage

Archetype: Medusa-The personification of Anger and revanchist retribution
The Mechanics of Archetypical Experiences of the Collective Consciousness
Astrological Archetypes and Myths
According to Carl Jung, the Greek gods and all the myths that surround them are archetypical symbols that pertain to our collective unconscious, in other words, they are the deep motivational unveiled factors that are shared by all mankind.
 Also read Perseus here ; and Medusa here
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  Stellar Codes™ Attunement  
Stellar Codes™ - Sirius
The Soul Light within us is ever increasingly aware of the spiritual light emanating from Sirius. This light is like no other; remember the first time you glimpsed the soul light, the brilliance, the beauty, the illumined truth it brought to the life. The spiritual light from Sirius is of such potency, it is beyond our comprehension initially. The Stellar Code™ Sirius Attunement and Initiation is part of the Stellar Code™ Program.  To watch the video and learn more, click the View Button.  To participate with the Attunement, click the Buy Button below.  This will direct you to the Member Discount page.  The cost for University Members is $60.00.
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Upcoming Events
2 August -  August - Stellar Code Sirius
August 10-13, 2013 Perseids Meteor Shower
August 12 - Attunement of the Month

August 14th, Moon First Quarter
August 20th Full Moon-Spiritual Festival of Leo
August 28th Moon First Quarter
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