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 Esoteric Quote of the week
There are two things to aim at in life:  first, to get what you want;
and after that, to enjoy it.  
Only the wisest of mankind 
achieve the second.  

~Logan Pearsall Smith
Healing Blessings!
Now is the time to face our illusions and reshape our reality.

This pseudo saying that everyone knows explains that a systematic repetition of a lie turns the lie into truth. Just the same happens to our humanity neurosis with behaviors cleverly twisted and designed to never confront the truth, but to stay within the safe limits of the convenient lies.

Thus our humanity tends to suffer, and inflict suffering to others, even knowing that we are not deceiving anyone, because even with the lies, the soul still remains integral, unbroken and perpetual. At some point during the journey, the soul reveals itself.
Our humanity will be free one day, but that will not happen because of coming of an alien craft bringing angels and Masters, but because our humanity will through awakening, destroy the illusion that has been the cause of our sufferings.

Each of us should do our part, to face and disarm our individual contribution into the world of samsara, and that which constrains ourselves to a space-time reality much more restricted than we really deserve.

Be aware of your thoughts, they create your reality, our realities.
There is a big feeling of transition here at this moment while we sail into the unknown, but the heavens signals point to a great moment of activation and potential for illumination.

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Much Metta,
Liane and Christopher
Humanity Healing University 

  Cosmic Forecast  
October: a Month Packed with Cosmic Events
October is designing itself to be an amazing journey for our souls, as we travel together on our Earth Mothership. The higher energies of the new solar storm can bring some unrest, as we purge elements that no longer fit our realities. Taker a look on the meteor showers this month by visiting here
  Spiritual  Exercise of the Week  
The Tibetan Exercise of Paradox
Whole Brain Thinking
Here is an ancient exercise to help you expand your mind - and your consciousness. Learn how to use all levels of your brain here.  

To access, please first log into the website and visit the Spiritual Exercises section of the Online Resource Center or click the button below.

  New Articles;  This article is divided in two different parts to make it easier for the reading and understanding.  
Animal Evolutionary Consciousness through the diverse Religions Part I and II
Many Folktales and legends refer to the ancestral eras of fables that portrays the time when the "myth" of the coexistence of man and animal were a genuine expression of religious emotion.
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  Stellar Codes™ Attunement  
Stellar Codes™ - Spica
Spica represents the sacred womb of Virgo the Virgin. The Stellar Code™ – Spica Attunement and Initiation will consist of three empowerments for the transformative stage of spiritual chrysalis to bring to birth the awakening of the Christ-consciousness within the Initiate.

To watch the video and learn more, click the View Button.

To participate with the Attunement, click the Buy Button below. This will direct you to the Member Discount page. The cost for University Members is $60.00.
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Upcoming Events
12 September - 16 October - Stellar Code Spica
October 7-8,  the Draconids Meteor Shower
October 19th, Full Moon-Spiritual Festival of Scorpio (cusp)

October 20th -November 10 Mercury Goes Retrograde
October 21th before dawn, the Orionids Meteor Showers

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