What is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid Dreams could be defined as the art of being aware while you are interacting inside of dreamscape dimension.

Lucid Dream is a term coined by Mr. Frederik Van Eeden.  The word lucid is used to express the qualities of mental clarity and awareness. To have Lucid Dreams is to be conscious and responsive to the wide variety of experiences that can be manifested in the dreamscape-dreamtime dimension. The Seeker must be able to perceive these experiences and be completely conscious that they are not happening on the physical reality, but are manifestations of symbols and realities of another intimate dimension.

Why Practice Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreams open the door for the possibility of a deeper understanding of our psyche and our base of reference.  It is also an enlightened way to experience our fears in order to control and overcome them. Through our lucid dreams we can have a direct contact with our shadow aspects in order to exorcise and heal them.

It is an invitation to interact creatively with the limiting aspects of ourselves; both situations and emotions, and can be very useful as an auxiliary practice to deal with the daily challenges in our lives.

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