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Esoteric Keys of the Bible

Esoteric Keys of the Bible

Esoteric Keys of the Bible_humanityhealing

Esoteric Keys of the BibleEsoteric Keys of the Bible-Biblical_Reality_Humanity-Healing

Controversies over the facts, stories and even the authenticity of the Bible are one of the foremost factors behind the disharmony within the religious community, whether those congregations are Christians, Jewish, or Muslin. The main issue resides in the fact that most of them tend to take the scriptures at face value, literally, similar to an instruction manual that would allow you to troubleshoot a machine. There is a history of mentalities that purposely obfuscate the facts that some of these reports are connected to certain cultural-historical realities which give the logical background for their existence, and some symbols and references no longer apply to our modern days.

Also, there are many passages of the Bibles, which are impregnated with symbolism. They give the glimpse for a myriad of interpretations and have been used to manipulate, to discriminated, to impose particular agendas, and to submit people to a limiting level of consciousness and understanding which were never intended by those that originated these writings.

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple."
~Oscar Wilde

It is undeniable that the Bible has a prismatic nature, and can be looked at through its artistic, poetic and mythological aspects of the narration about the Creation.  Unfortunately, the mediocrity of the political powers through history has emptied the collection of texts in the Bible of much of its luminous aspects.  This fate was not shared by other sacred texts, as one can observe with the Upanishads or the Mahabharata.

How should one gravitate through the compendium of texts and narratives from the sacred scripture and what should be considered relevant and trustworthy? How does one learn to understand the Bible like orthodox scholars do?

"He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life."
~ 2 Corinthians 3:6

Esoteric Keys of the Bible_kabbalah_Bible_Humanity-HealingDespite all the errors and omissions, our critical eyes can perceive in the reading of the Bible, on its chosen texts, many facts that can connect it with even ancient Traditions. And Despite the exclusion of others Texts, such as the Apocrypha; we can understand that there is value in the text, not solely as a historical reference of a period or way of living, but in the interpretation of these facts using the lens on the Hermetic arts.

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Esoteric Keys for Interpreting the Bible

Some keys utilized by scholars for centuries give us an outstanding grouping of resources for the understanding of its texts. The end results can be quite surprising and the outcome interpretation reasonably diverse from the commonly accepted versions and beliefs.

  1. Numerology:  The philosopher Pythagoras usually said that God did not only create the Cosmos, but He also geometrized the Universe. The Kabbalistic practice of Gematria, or the system of assigning a numerical value to a word or phrase, and in the belief that words or phrases with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other, was used throughout the Old Testament.
  2. Astrology: The Art of de-codifying the twelve astrological types and traits, the master Cycle of twelve human experiences, the twelve apostles, the twelve Tribes of Israel, etc.
  3. Intuition: This is a dimension of perception that can be reached through contemplation and meditation on the facts and events described on scriptures.
  4. Anthropological/physiological interpretation: This way to comprehend the scripture gives relevance to the manifestation of the contemporary reality of the time and its implications in determining the origins of the spiritual thought, such as with the seven seals, the seven churches, the seven chakras.
  5. Senzar: Ancient wisdom talks about a mysterious language used by demi-gods, Masters, and initiates. Senzar is not only a language, consisting of words, and once spoken as the tongue of the ancients all over the Oriental and archaic American world, but it is likewise a language of symbols or a language greatly addicted to the use of symbols. Some Scholars seem to use the resource of this language to interpret and pierce together the loose ends on the Bible.
  6. Sacred Geometry: Considerate the facts and events under the lens of harmony and proportions of the dimensions of matter inside of the sacred texts, such as the significance ratio of fish caught by Peter following the advice of the Master and the number of fish and bread utilized to feed a multitude of 5,000.


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