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House of Justice

Welcome to the House of Justice! This House focuses on civil rights and other humanitarian social issues. Raising awareness of current and emerging problems is the first step towards resolving them. Globally, there are many people and regions in crisis. The principles of Altruism and the Brotherhood of Man have declined in importance as individuals, nations and religions focus on ... Read More »

One Voice

One Voice One Voice, was inspired by a plea from a friend living in fear of the vicious persecutions currently occurring in Burma (Myanmar).  In truth, if a government uses oppressive force against Buddhist monks, then no one under their rule is safe. Sadly, there are many places around the globe where Humanity suffers under the lash of oppression and ... Read More »

The Beaten Heart

The Beaten Heart Beloved Benevolent Beings and Most Holy One… We pray for our beloved kin; our family, our friends, our children, our neighbors. In all of our times of greatest need, when pain threatens to overwhelm us and feels as vast and unfathomable as the oceans themselves, We ask you to please protect those who suffer silently, ashamed needlessly. ... Read More »