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The Beaten Heart

The Beaten Heart

The Beaten Heart

Beloved Benevolent Beings and Most Holy One...

We pray for our beloved kin; our family, our friends, our children, our neighbors.

In all of our times of greatest need, when pain threatens to overwhelm us and feels as vast and unfathomable as the oceans themselves,

We ask you to please protect those who suffer silently, ashamed needlessly.

Please release their pain and dry their quiet hidden tears,

We ask you to take their suffering, let it be released that all may know the freedom of the enlightened soul.

If one of us is injured or remains unhealed through the keeping of secrets or the disguising of fears, we all remain unhealed therefore without sacred freedom to soar unto our rightful ascension.

As the Divine Children we are perfectly imperfect in all our glorious humanity.

We forgive those who perpetrate sins against us even as we plead for none to turn a blind eye or a stone cold heart to the truth of violence, hatred and shame and all it brings to us in its unique way.

Please, Beautiful Parent, help our beloveds; heal their pain that they may again be whole and free.

Let them see that they are in truth equal in every way to one another in the eyes of the Divine.

We plead now for an end to violence and abuse on every level in every way, against all your children.

May the instigators receive help to end their drives towards mad imbalanced behavior, thus sparing those whom are victimized by these our kin.

May the victims who willing chose the way of staying, learn to forgive themselves realizing they hold the sacred key of release of their pain.

Let none sit in judgment of humankind, for unto all we were born with lessons to learn, goals to achieve, karma to settle.

Let us now recognize that if one of us is still wounded then we all remain wounded, too.

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If one is unforgiving of themselves, they know not the truth of how to forgive others.

Let the Love of the Divine fill all your "broken" children to overflowing that they may serve as models to teach others the truth of this crime against nature, self, each other and thus You.

Let us remember that through ignorance we imply acceptance of the imbalance and the inequities which exist today in this world.

Help show all your beloved children that we are all born with the inherent right of equal Respect and Love as we are viewed through the eyes of the most Sacred and Holy

May we in truth learn to accept all as our true kin; protect and give safe harbor to our injured, our sorrowful, our neglected and violated, the helpless, the pure and the innocent for they are our past, present and hoped-for changed future.

Blessed may we be...eternally, equally and infinitely.

Amen. Om. Aum. Shanti. Blessed Be.

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